Who is/will be commanding the coalition in Lybia?

The commandment of the forces engaged in Libya seems unclear to me. I read a lot of contradictory statements.

I heard an American general stating on TV that the operation was under American command.

I read that the Naval forces are commanded by the American general in charge of NATO Mediteranean command, and the Air forces under the command of the American general in charge of American forces in Europe (this time, not NATO, but USA). Nothing about the overall command.

Gates stated that he envisionned a Franco-British command. But there’s no such thing as a Franco-British headquarter (there’s an EU Command, but the EU isn’t involved as such). Besides, the coalition is using a lot of NATO assets, and I doubt such assets would be placed under British and/or French authority.

I also read (from another American official, can’t remember whom) that the USA wanted the operation to be a NATO operation but both France and the Arab league is opposed to this concept.
So, does anybody has a clearer idea of who or what is/will be in charge of this operation?

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Thanks in advance.

I thought U.S. Army General Carter Ham of the U.S. Africa Command (actually based in Germany) was the overall operational commander at the moment.

Why wouldn’t NATO assets be placed under a British or French general in these circumstances?