who is your favourite BEAR_NENNO?

mine is BEAR_NENNO!

Hmmm, it’s a tough call, but I’d have to say Bear_Nenno, especially after he described himself running around Florida naked from the waist down. That really won me over. :wink:

Naked? From the waist down? In FLORIDA?!!

Such bravery could only bring about devotion:

I hearby lavish my 300th post upon thee, with my blessing, Bear_Nenno, for thou surely deserves it greatly!

Nah… My favorite is bEAR_nENNO!

Whih I just don’t understand… Maybe I should visit ATMB more often.

This is a tough one. I was intially leaning towards Bear_nenno. But, now upon consideration… I have to pick Kilgore Trout. Yep.

Shouldn’t this be in IMHO?

Anyways, I’m my own favorite Bear_Nenno.

Hubba whuh? I missed it, and I’m fairly sure I would’ve noticed that. I think there’s a little Bear-Nenno in all of us.