Who are your favorite posters?

Certain posters are so damn insightful and/or funny that virtually every post is a gem. My personal favorites are:

Libertarian – brevity is the soul of wit
Elucidator – truth in a nom de plume
Stoid – liberal minus the bleeding heart
Scylla – consistently funny and twisted (he’s also a Republican, but no one’s perfect)
Chronos – the physics tutor I always needed
Guinastasia – has yet to say anything I didn’t find entirely sensible

These were the first to come to me, but there are lots more I love to read.

I have lots of ones I really like reading. There are really too many to name, however lately I have been taking special note of cjhoworth. I like her special breed of insightfulness.

Yep, cj’s a smart lady. Polycarp and Triskadecamus also come to mind.

Hmm. I’m so bad with people’s names.

The one who immediately comes to mind as a gem, no matter what the subject, is FairyChatMom.

There are two Daves I get confused - one is DAVEWOO and the other is… umm… uhh… Well, I can’t remember his exact user name, but I like both of them.


For attention-getting thread titles, Eve and Scylla.

There are an awful lot of posters who are not coming to my mind right now, but I enjoy so many posters here.

Uke Ike & Eve.

~ stuyguy, wannabe president of the Uke & Eve fan club

I like Coldfire’s posts. And I even like lieu’s bathroom humour :slight_smile:

And I like the way that the mods deal with jerks in a way that entertains me.

Hmm… I also like Lib as long as it isn’t a post about religion, and I like Ultrafilter’s as well… all I can think of at the moment… well except for ladydisco, elenfair, and all the other people coming to Ottadope :wink:

Over the past year I have been reading the greatest I have seen have been Libertarian, Polycarp, and Mangetout.

I’m partial to Tars Tarkas, vivalostwages, and Kn*ckers. I bet no one can guess the common thread there. :rolleyes:


Any thread by FairyChatMom is guaranteed to be a good read.

Other favorites are CrankyAsAnOldMan, Guin, Polycarp, LindyHopper, lieu, Zev_Steinhardt, Eve. I know I’ve forgotten to mention about 30,000 others. My apologies for that.

I rarely notice names while reading the boards, so the fact that lieu spring to mind means something, I’m sure.

There was also this guy jjtm who always cracked me up, dunno what happened to him.

Whatever happened to clairobscur? I think that was the spelling. Seemed to be the only French perspective. Usually interesting.

The recently rare Nostradamus posts are wonderful reading. In a different style, the recently arrived 2trew has been showing an interesting wit. Oh, and about 95% of the ones already named are enjoyable also.

I think he got taken over by his evil twin.

I put in a vote for Spiritus Mundi (and all those mentioned above too).

MandaJO always knows the right thing to say to a relationship question.

Leaving asside the golden-oldie posters, I allways enjoy NoClueBoy’s posts that I have come accross.
FairyChatMom is always good to read as well.

(Not saying others aren’t of course)

Giraffe consistently cracks me up, yet also offers good, sound advice and opinions.

Hamadryad both terrifies me (pit threads) and intrigues me (all other forums). Never skip one of her posts.

Aw, thanks.

I won’t say, because I can’t hurt feelings. I don’t want to do that.
(And I really don’t have favorites. I like pretty much everyone I get along with).

That Farrah Fawcett poster with the nipple is pretty cool.

I always liked the Beatles poster with the 4 of them in the doorway.