Who knew? (that 'Oscar' was a good film)

(Well lots of people probably knew. But it’s what you say, when you are surprised that something you thought was one thing, turned out to be another)

I caught the film ‘Oscar’ (with Sly Stalone) after a night shift at work. It held my attention because of the interesting comedic mob language.

It got funnier and funnier.

I ended up laughing out loud.

Great film!

Before I had seen it, the words ‘comedy’ and ‘Sylvester Stalone’ in the same sentence had made me assume it would be a big pile of poo.

So, dopers, what films surprised you for actually being good once you got around to watching them?
(On spell checking this post I discovered something - I cannot beleeeeeve that ‘poo’ is not in Microsoft word’s dictionary! (It is now))

I loved Oscar. I watched it because it hadOrnella Muti in it and ended up liking the whole thing even after discovering that Ornella has a very small part.

I was pleasantly surprised by it.

“Oscar” was a good film, but the direction was poor. Lots of good gags, but Landis thought he had to do everything as fast as possible, so they didn’t pay off as well as they could have. It would have been so much better if they slowed it down.

I can’t say I was surprised, but Ishtar was much better than most critics thought it was.

…and Hudson Hawk was one of my favourite movies of all time! And Oscar was a pretty funny movie, but it was years since I last saw it…

I loved Oscar! I used to quote lines from it all the time.

The movie that surprised me was The Hudsucker Proxy. It was much lighter and “fun” than I expected. I really enjoyed it, except for the way the lead actess spoke. It was cute at first, then I got tired of it.

Boy, do I wish Oscar was out on DVD. It’s an astonishingly funny movie. And there’s some subtle stuff, too.

“Hey, it’s Little Anthony…and his Imperial!”


Add me to the list of those who love Oscar, although the opening credits can be very fucking jarring at 2 am.

Someone must’ve heard our prayers

Now, can we wait until May?

Yes, Stallone is much better at comedy than, say, Richard Gere (grrrr, otherwise loved “Chicago”)…Timmy

That’s an Oxymoron.

You shouldnt had outta said dat . . .

Mercutio thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

I first saw this movie about a year ago. I hadn’t heard much about it, but was otherwise unoccupied, and so started watching it about 20 mins in.

I loved it!

It was on again later that day, so I watched it again, from the beginning, still laughing at things I had laughed at before, and evan at things I hadn’t caught the first time around.

I do agree that the direction is a little weak. The pace could be taken up a notch to fit a little better with the farce genre.

Anyone know of a stage version of this film? I would LOVE to direct and/or produce a stage version of Oscar. sigh

Yeah, well, I try.

Though, coding is not my strong point.

My family has liked Oscar for some time.

Clue has always been a favorite of ours as well, and while watching Oscar, we kept commenting that it is just like Clue

Imagine our shock when Tim Curry entered the movie. We nearly died.

Fenuccis! Sit!

Doctor Poole was right! You’re an Ox and a moron!

And my favorite…

“Don’t make me leave, boss. Every time I leave I fall behind.”

Ahhhh, Oscar. The memories.

“Let me show you the door. THERE’S THE DOOR!”

I knew.