Who knows something about electric vehicle windows?

The window in my vehicle started sliding sideways when I tried to raise it, requiring me to help it up with my hand. I took it in for service and it was repaired (covered by warranty, yay).

This was two weeks ago. Now it’s doing the same thing. I am going to take it in again, but I’d like to be semi-informed about what they did the first time to ‘fix’ it.

It seems obvious that they did some half-assed temporary fix instead of repairing it the proper way (which may require new parts (?).

Can anyone speculate on what, specifically, they did? And what they should have done instead? (that is, what I need to demand they do this time).


Sounds like the window jumped out of it’s guide rail. There are generally two, the one at the front is the likely culprit, it will probably consist of a plastic roller attached to the window frame, running in a metal track fixed to the door. I suspect the shop simply put the roller back in it’s runner without investigating why it came out in the first place, although it’s possible they looked into it and found something, like the window motor bolts coming loose, that they fixed and returned it to you believing it sorted.
It’s impossible to tell you exactly what is the problem without looking at the mechanism in action to see what causes it to jump out. It could be that the lower limit stop has come adrift or worn, one or both of the guide rails could be bent or twisted, or something else entirely.
Your best bet is to take it to the shop and see if you can’t have a word with the technician that repaired it the first time, or at least someone who can explain to you what was done, and what they think the problem may be. Hopefully they catch it this time.

For the glass to move around like that, it’s a pretty good bet that something in or related to the regulator (the mechanism that grips and moves the glass) is broken or badly worn. My best guess is that a new regulator is needed.

As Hairy Bob stated the shop either misdiagnosed the problem or misevaluated what the repair should be, but we have no way of knowing the particular details. What you need to request/demand is that it be fixed properly. It’s not your responsibility to determine what the required fix is, and I believe it’s far better to say you want it fixed right than to try to specify what the fix should be.