Who Likes Their Boss?

There are a lot of threads that bash the boss, but my boss is awesome, and he totally proved himself all this week.

So who else likes their boss?

Now, if I could do something about the actual job duties…

I like my boss. I like his boss too. My bosses boss gave me flowers and a raise for a job well done on a project that ended last week. I worked my tail off, but they noticed and sent emails and said thank you and of course gave me a lovely fall flower arrangement.

The job is a bit beneath my skill level and it pays about 65 % of what I used to make, but it is vastly less stressful and the people are nice.

My boss is fantastic. He’s a great manager, a sharp analyst, and an all-around decent and funny guy. I would happily work for him for the rest of my career.

My boss is awesome. Praises in public, criticizes in private. And always makes sure to pay attention and give some kind of recognition for extra effort, whether it’s a kind word or a coupon for a meal or even once a gift he brought back from a trip to Spain.

I’m planning to leave this job next year, and I’m really dreading working for someone else. Not to mention disappointing him when I leave.

I don’t like my boss… sorry to be a thread buster. Used to really like and admire one of my old bosses thou.

Mine’s really good. Knows what she’s doing and - almost as important - knows what we’re doing. That is, has a clue and can solve problems for us easily.

My boss is a good man and a good friend - as is his boss. They were both exceptional while I was in the hospital and I owe them a lot.

I currently work for lots of bosses–boards, councils–but I’ve had several superlative bosses.
jackelope nailed it: they let me try, praised in public–and their criticism was always private, helpful and understanding. They gave me room to try, even if it sometimes meant failing. Who gets anything right, always, even the first time? They knew the job inside and out, set high standards but let me learn from my mistakes.
And they were ultimately accountable. The buck stopped with them, no excuses or dodging.
Good bosses, great examples and teachers.


I’ve very happy with my boss. Right after I strated at my job, my cat was sick but I couldn’t afford surgery. I could afford to euthanize it, he could afford the surgery, so at his suggestion we did it his way.

I’ve been working my ass off for him for 5 years now.

I like my boss.

I’d like him to find another profession.

I have three bosses. All of them are great.

One even let me interview him for a class I’m taking.

My boss is great. Rare moments of assholishness. He’s available 24/7 and only expects us to be available 22/7 :). We had a deal that I would spend a year proving myself and then he would go to bat to get my terms changed to expatriate (about double the money). He got me the package.

My boss rocks. He puts in lots of hours, but never shows that stress is getting to him. His office door is almost always open, and he’s free with good advice and guidance. Really couldn’t ask for a better boss.

My current boss is an absolute godsend. I seriously cannot say enough good things about her - she takes good care of her employees, makes sure to always encourage us and thank us for work done, and is always willing to talk about anything that is on our minds. Another thing that I love about her is that when we do work for the higher-ups, she always makes sure that the higher-ups know that WE did it, rather than taking credit for the work her “underlings” do. It’s obvious that she wants what’s best for her employees and recognizes that a manager with successful employees is a successful manager.

I like my bosses, they are good to work for, and they let me make decisions on how to handle my work. They aren’t like other bosses I have had, that micro-manage me, or treat me like I can’t make decisions on my own.

My boss is really good, I like her a lot. We get along in a fun way as well as in a work-related way. Again, as the OP said, too bad the actual job duties (and most of the other people) aren’t nearly so good! The only reason why I work there at all, frankly, is because I don’t have to drive too far to get there – but at least I have a good boss!

My boss is really good, I like her a lot. We get along in a fun way as well as in a work-related way. Again, as the OP said, too bad the actual job duties (and some of the other people, I’d add) aren’t nearly so good! The brainpower requirement of my present job is well below my capacity and the physical-ability aspect is well above, so I don’t like the work at all.

How I got this job in the first place was a freak accident which I won’t get into here, and frankly I couldn’t understand why my boss not only kept me for two years but then asked me to come back (!) a couple of months after the assignment ended, knowing I had problems with the lifting and mechanical aspects, but she told me I was honest, intelligent, reliable, hard-working, and she could count on me to get the “hot” projects up on test.

The only reason why I stayed and went back there at all is because not only did I not find anything else (so I needed a job) but I don’t have to drive too far to get there.

But at least I have a good boss!

I love my boss. She’s a kind, sweet woman who never fails to thank me at the end of the day for my hard work. She sends me little cards and notes through the mail to let me know I’m appreciated. She also does everything she can to make my job easier.

I couldn’t ask for a better boss.

My two bosses are pretty good. I have no complaints about them.

I like my boss- she’s a hottie.