Who on earth was that guy and what was he doing?

I had an amazon package arriving today, so I was awaiting the mail man. My mailbox is the rural variety located across the street. I’m looking out the front window to see him when he comes, and before he gets there, a car pulls up and just sits on the side of the road, about 9 feet from my mail box. A few minutes later, the mail jeep arrives, and can’t get to the box. He sits behind the guy for a minute, then pulls along side him, and finally leaves without delivering the mail. My tracking then says “Receptacle blocked.” So I go outside and trot down the driveway to confront the guy, but he leaves before I can get to him. I jumped in my car and chased the mail truck down, and the mail man says, “Oh I bet you’re from (insert my address here)”. Yes, I say. “You should have honked at him and made him move.” “I did,” he said. He said the guy just sat there and wouldn’t look at him.

WTF??? Jeez, I’ve got enough paranoid tendencies without shit like this.

Someone stealing your wifi? Pulled over to make a phone call? How main is your road? Not busy means something different than fairly busy.

It could be a number of non worrisome reasons.

Maybe he just pulled over to check some important messages on his phone.

Or maybe he was feeling sickly.

Or maybe his radio crapped out and he was trying to fix it.

Or maybe he was looking at a map.

The list goes on…

I do think that he would have heard the mailman honk and and ought to have moved. Why wouldn’t he move?

I know have to watch my paranoid impulses, but I find this incident very bizarre.

I’m pulled to the side of a street, I don’t expect or look for someone to pull to the side in the same spot. Probably glanced in his mirror, didn’t see anyone and kept at what he was doing. Finished up as you started to approach.

I wouldn’t think anything of it now. There are a lot of reasons someone could be stopped. If you see anything else, then you get paranoid.

How’s Not Donald?

It turns out Donald had a doppelganger - or something. There one day appeared another orange cat and they had a knock-down drag-out fight. We didn’t know which one of them was the Donald we’d been feeding - both perhaps? Anyhow, they both disappeared after that and we haven’t seen either one since. I am at once saddened and relieved.

The other day, I’m sitting at a red light with a lady in front of me. The light turns green, and she didn’t go. So I honked my horn. No response from her. So I honked my horn again. Still no response from her.

I then decided to pull around her, and when I did, I looked over at her to see she has her face buried in her phone completely oblivious to the world.

Have you considered that the duplicate cats and the mailbox lurker could be part of the same long con?

Indeed, Darren. Now please stop stealing my thoughts.

You’re gonna have to run a test now. Order something else from Amazon and see if it gets delivered without a hitch. Maybe order something really expensive to tempt the bad guys, if there are any. If the package never arrives, you can breathe easy that you are certainly not paranoid.

For a more conclusive test, I’d recommend ordering a variety of items, individually, including another unit of the item that was blocked today, to see if the deaf guy is related to the product in some way. :slight_smile:

Did your mailman find it suspicious? If not, I don’t see why he couldn’t have gotten in front and delivered it as you estimated the car was 9 feet away.

The ironic thing is, I was playing with my new action camera and managed to get this on video. I was playing with exposures, and naturally the pertinent video is the washed out worst.

Here it is. If you squint you can see the car pulling up from the right and stopping, and the mail jeep coming along a little later.

When I chased the mail man down to retrieve my package, he said it seemed deliberate to him too. So it ain’t just me!

Guess I’ll have to set up the camera every day for awhile.

I hate feeling paranoid. It was a really annoying trait in my mom.

I know this wasn’t the point of the story, but what’s up with your mailman? Is he incapable of getting out of his truck to walk a few feet in order to deliver your mail?

The guy probably intended to arrive after the mail truck so he could steal your package. But he saw the box was empty so he had to wait. He misunderestimated how much room the mail truck would need & played dumb when he got honked at.
Far more likely was the guy pulled over to play with his phone at the first wide spot he found. Then was still fiddling when the mailman honked. His reaction? “Screw you; I’m still texting. I’ll move when I’m good and done.”
I know for sure the best way for me to make all the green lights is to need to use my phone. I won’t get a break; every one will be green and I’ll get to wherever much quicker. Likewise, if I’m on a minor road and I need to pull over for whatever reason, the road will go on for miles with no wide spots. And if I do pull over where there isn’t room, the first car I’ve seen in the last 30 minutes will arrive right behind me 10 seconds later.

Indeed, he is. I used to watch him leave the dread “attempted delivery but no one answered” slip in the mail box from his truck without ever coming to the door if a package was too big to stuff into the box. Now that Amazon is such a big customer for them, they don’t do that with amazon packages any more. They listen to Amazon.

Last winter we didn’t get mail for several days because some snow was piled up in front of the box. I had to go out and flatten it down for him by driving over and over the berm in my minivan.:slight_smile:

Whoa, this shit just got creepy. Like a horror movie, I tell you!

Now you did it; you got video of “them”. :eek:

It’s been nice knowin’ ya pohjonen.

Errr, ummm, what I meant to say is it was nice not having to waste my time not reading something by someone who never existed.