Who on God's green Earth would eat salty licorice?!

We got a box of licorice tablets a few days ago. We tasted them–and they’re not sweet, they’re salty! :eek:
Why would anyone want salty licorice?

A few years ago, while in Amsterdam, my Dutch friend insisted that I try some. I was scarred for life. Apparently, the Dutch love them.


Send 'em to me. I love salt licorice.

Count me in for loving salt licorice. Had it growing up in a place with a large Dutch population. My boss, who is from Finland, brought some back from her last visit and tried to scar us all for life with it (by giving it to us without telling us it was salty. She’s a hoot.) I took one look at the bag and said “bet that’s salt licorice! Mmm!” and very shortly got my own bag of it to nibble.


Who would eat them? Thousands and thousands of happy Dutch, Finns and Scandinavians. You can even get salty licorice flavored chewing gum. Don’t ask me why. I just live here.

Me. I like it. Again, grew up around a large Dutch population.

Actually, I think Sen-Sen is my favourite.

Bah. My wife is half-dutch, and once handed me a bag of double-salt licorice given to her (she doesn’t like licorice herself). I had one bite and thought I had just swallowed ammonia.

Dubbel Zout

Wait wait wait… there’s licorice that isn’t salty?

I think what you non-salty “licorice” people are thinking of is anise candy.

I love salt licorice! Especially Dubbel Zout. They must be an acquired taste. After not seeing any for six years, I was so happy to find it in one place in Jacksonville, that I bought a lot of rolls to bring home. I gave a piece to my wife. And I gotta say she gave it the old college try, but she had to spit it out, saying it tasted like rubber tires that marinated in the ocean.

I must say, until this thread I had never heard of salt licorice.

Yes, if you must know, I do live under a rock.

I never managed to develop a taste for it, but lots of people love the stuff.

Salted licorice? Yes, pleae. :slight_smile:

In fact, all you folks who donèt like it can ship it to:

Apartment next to the laundry room
1 Valley of the 1950’s-style “Apartment Buildings”
West of the river
Toronto, Ontario


I’m a big fan of salmiakki, personally.

Now I’m by no means saying that salty licorice is bad. It’s all a matter of taste. But on the website Bad Candy there is a review of dubbel zout. There are also reviews on candy more horrible than you can ever imagine. It’s a hilarious site, worth checking out.


And cioudld you tell me when she ate those last? :DF
Actually, after my Mom and I spat the salt licorice out, I commented that they looked like faucet washers but that the washers would taste better (when I was a little kid I liked to nibble on rubber and paper).
As for the Dutch taste for salty licorice–well, de gustibus non est disputandum (translate that into Dutch). :stuck_out_tongue:

de gustibus non est disputandum - Over smaak valt niet te twisten.

Indeed. :slight_smile:

I love my salt licorice. We call it ‘drop’ or ‘dropje’. Did you know it’s soothing on the throat when you have a cold? And it works against latent infections?

heh, Amazon Floozy Goddess, I laughed - hard - at that site.

Useless fact: There must be a hundred different kinds of ‘dropjes’ for sale here. I believe our whole economy thrives on it. :wink:

Some sites to make you drool.


If anyone wants some, mail me. E-mail is in my profile. :slight_smile:

Another useless fact: In the mid-70s I had a dream in which I came up with a second word for food which has “drop” in it (the first, of course, is “drop biscuits”). In the dream the word was “Droppum,” allegedly a kind of oatmeal made by American Indians.

I can think of at least three more:

Acid Drops
Cough Drops

Salt licorice is great. But, then again I’m from Sweden where a lot of people like the stuff. RIght now I’m sitting here eating these great candies called Kryptoniter - they are sour on the outside, and then have salt in the middle. I like to give them to people and watch their reaction when they reach the center. I’ve had a few people spit them out at that point.