Who owns the rights to "Behind Blue Eyes"?


In anticipation of the “move it to GQ” suggestions… I really don’t give a fuck who owns the rights. My buddy Guido the Torpedo wants to know, but that’s related to beating the shit out of them for selling the rights to Limp Bizkit… :slight_smile:

I’m imagine I’m not the only one who almost had a frickin’ aneurysm when they heard this! I liked a lot of stuff on “3 Dollar Bill”, but not much since. Still when I heard about the track not having actually heard the track, I was willing to give Durst the benefit of the doubt.

Me = Dumbass…

What a steaming load of suck this is! The last time I heard that much cheese layered on a vocal was that horrible Shakira song (although Cher is the all-time champ).

So I’m listening to it, and I get to the part with the compu-rap… I start looking for my cell-phone thinking I’m getting messages from aliens or something. :slight_smile: Then they start with the new verse… WTF… That’s all I can say.

Oh, and we know Durst couldn’t sing “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” these days, but what in the hell is the point of covering “Behind Blue Eyes” and dropping the signature part of the song!?! For chrissake, if you can’t sing it, do one of those “Limp Bizkit Featuring Grunt Buttcheese” dealios that everybody does now.

It must be weird to be in the 16th minute, huh?


“I’m imagine” = “I imagine”…

Me do preview, swear to God! Me want edit post, me no can edit post… Mongo just pawn in game of Life…


The reason the copyright has been sold is because of mechanical licenses which " provides that once a copyright owner has recorded and distributed such a work to the U.S. public or permitted another to do so, a compulsory mechanical license is available to anyone else who wants to record and distribute the work in the U.S. upon the payment of license fees at the statutory “compulsory” rate as set forth in Section 115 of the Act."

And the REAL question is why wasn’t this started in Cafe Society? I’m moving it there, despite the language.


So like I was sayin’… the question was oneodose “rhetorical” ones. I thought the “don’t give a fuck” phrase kinda covered that. :stuck_out_tongue: Shoulda picked a better thread title, maybe one with squicking or Dubya or something…

I just wanted to rag on this horrible cover of a great song…

I’m familiar with mechanical licenses from my studio work, but I appreciate the linkage on the rights and licenses!


Once a song is recorded, the songwriter cannot prevent another musician from recording it, as long as the musician pays the songwriter for the rights. If the songwriter refuses to negotiate, the musician can play the song and pay a set rate.

See http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_324b.html

Who owns the rights to “Behind Blue Eyes”?

Yes, they do. :smiley:

Yes doesn’t. Who does.

I don’t know…Third Base (isn’t that a rapper)?

Anyway, I don’t know how one can expect anything but the absolute worst from Durst. (Hey it rhymes). Didn’t you hear the tragedy that was his remake of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”? For get about doing the remake (which was a huge mistake), he actually had the audacity to add his own lyrics to one of the greatest songs ever written (IMO).

For him to ruin Behind Blue Eyes and make another horrifying mark in the music world is no surprise. I bet he is the one who actually liked Madonna’s version of “American Pie”.

I only heard his version once, almost by accident, when I flipped past MTV and they were actually showing a video. Unfortunately it was this video. I remember the ommision of “When my first clenches…” but didn’t he add his own words to this song too?

Fred Durst should be the poster boy for birth control.

No less than Don McLean is on record as loving Madonna’s recording of his song. But what does he know.