who owns the Times?

Is it true that “Reverend” Moon owns the NY Times?
If so, who owns other media outlets?

Moon owns the Washington Times.

Who Owns What.

It’s owned by a Zionist/Freemason cabal in the pocket of the Israeli government working for ex-German nationals under the control of corrupt CIA officials backing up Nicaraguan mercenaries allied with the Vatican.

from outer space.

What? No illuminati? :dubious:

Quiet, you fool! fnord

The Illuminati are in there too, but you can’t see them because it’s dark & their lights are off. Muuuch stealthier that way. They almost got wiped out to a man in 1794 when they went on a raid fully illuminated, manuscripts and all.

“Never Again!” we, er, um, they vowed. And so it is to this day and shall always be forevermore.