Who Played "Damien"?

For some reason, my cable has been playing that stupid movie “THE OMEN” continuously-who played Damien? And did he succeed as an adult actor? Where was that wacky military school that they sent him to?

In the first movie, it was Harvey Stephens. In the remake from last year, it was Samus Davey-Fitzpatrick.

There’s a website called the Internet Movie Database that can answer the kinds of questions.

I can’t find confirmation on imdb, but I believe the school where the original was filmed was Northwestern Military and Naval Academy in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. My cousin attended a few years after the movie came out, and this was a Big Deal to him.

The Omen was filmed in England. The first sequel, Damien: Omen II, was filmed at Northwestern Military Academy.

I knew it was one of 'em…