A question about Matt Damon's character in Ocean's 11. (Must have watched orig.)

I just watched Ocean’s 11 remake last night.

Nice little film. Not great. Not bad. Brad Pitt is simply delicious.

Matt Damon’s character ( a pick pocket from Chicago) makes a reference to his father ( a name I didn’t catch) and I was wondering if that character was in the original.

Has anyone seen the original?

Matt Damon’s character is “Linus Caldwell” and there is no character in the original listed with that surname in the IMDB.

I don’t recall there being a pickpocket in the original. The original group was just a reunion of an old Army squadron getting together to get an adrenaline rush and act hip (or something like that).

The new one represented much more of a caper with revenge as the primary motive.

The original’s ending wasn’t as happy.