Who plays John Mark Karr on the inevitable TV Movie?

I’m going to say Martin Short. Paul Rubens (AKA Peewee Herman) is a close second.

I nominate Wil Wheaton.

Michael McDonald from mad TV.

Here’s Karr for a comparison.

A young Anthony Perkins.

Jimmy Somerville

[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000228/]Kevin]( [url) Spacey

Gary Oldman!

:smack: Kevin Spacey

Michael Jackson

It is important to pick a name that would actually do it. I don’t think Spacey will do a tv movie for something like this.

David Hyde Pierce, on the other hand, would be perfect.

Naw. Not creepy enough.

Nah. Playing something like this could end his career.

Wait a minute…


Morrissey, if you starved him for a while first.

Giovanni Ribisi

I’d go with Pee Wee over Martin Short, but both would be good. I think Pee Wee already has a good selection of those pervo-perp trousers whose tops come up to the armpits.

Samuel L. Jackson.

I was motherfuckin’ THERE when she motherfuckin’ DIED.

Adrien Brody

This thread wasn’t closed when Kevin Spacey was mentioned?

YEAH, she deserved to die…and I HOPE she burns in HELL!