Who plays John Mark Karr on the inevitable TV Movie?

Talk about “damning with faint praise,” or as I put it “a step up from the basement doesn’t put you in the attic.”

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Buscemi yet?

David Arquette

Andy Dick was the first person that came to mind for me.

Besides the possibilities already mentioned, in these two pictures John Karr looks like Michael Keaton or Nicholas Cage, respectively.

If they cast for similar appearance, I think Karr looks a lot like Will Arnett from Arrested Development.

I can see Sean Hayes in the part. I’ve only seen photos of Karr and not heard him speak, but they seem to be the same type physically, and although I know many people here dispise Will & Grace (sometimes rightfully so) I think Hayes is greatly underrated as an actor.

Jeffrey Jones?

Gonzo the Great.

Oh, definitely David Hyde Pierce.

(Michael Jackson would be ***too ***creepy.)

Edward Norton (it was hard to find a picture of him without facial hair, but he can do creepy better than most)

Too bad he’s dead, but Ray Combs would have been perfect.

Greg Kinnear

I heard a report on the radio yesterday that Karr thinks Johnny Depp should play him in the movie. Yeah, like that’s going to happen.

The first thing that struck me about J.M. Karr was his uncanny resemblance to the character of David Marriott (played by Fisher Stevens) in the movie Reversal of Fortune. Not just in looks, but also the smarmy, creepy vibe the character gave off.

However, I don’t think there will be a movie. Who would watch it? So far, the ending sucks. Unless you take creative license and have JonBonet rise from the grave, dagger in hand…and she embarks on a killing spree along with the zombies of Chucky, Jason Voorhees, and Johnny Cash…

Gregg Binkley, the dude who plays Kenny, the gay copy-shop guy on My Name Is Earl.

Well if it’s on Lifetime, it will probably be Richard Greico. Patty Ramsey will be played by Lindsay Crouse and let’s see, John Ramsey be played by Richard Thomas.
You didn’t say it had to be a good made for t.v. movie.

I would suggest Matthew Gray Gubler from the show Criminal Minds

Oooh, good one. Best choice so far, IMHO.

I believe Karr himself has requested Johnny Depp.