Who remembers "The Phoenix?"

The thread about “The Invaders” reminded me of a failed series from the early '80’s called “The Phoenix” I was only 12 so I don’t remember much about it other than it starred Judson Scott, AKA Ricardo Montalbans #2 man in “Wrath of Khan.” I feel like I’m the only person who watched the pilot and that there was never a followup episode.

Surely someone will speak up and proclaaim knowledge of this show apart from what’s on the IMDB.

Yeah, I faintly remember watching that.

I watched it! Even had a crush on Judson Scott.

Scott was practically the poster child for “Southern California Golden Boy.” I’m surprised he didn’t get more work than bit parts and guest appearances.

I remember it. Vaguely.

If this is the program I think I’m remembering, it sorta touched on the Erich von Daniken “ancient astronaut” theories. I seem to recall the trident on the face of the cliff being relevant somehow.

I remember it.

I really liked this show, what I remember of it, which isn’t much.

I remember he wore that large pendant, that was what held his magic or something? And there would be this zoom shot into the stone and we’d see an eagle flying or something like that – him having transformed into the bird.

Unless I’m confusing the transformation concept with Manimal. Maybe he could see through the eyes of an eagle? Yep my memory is kind of fuzzy about it.

I was even excited like a school girl when Scott appeared on X-Files.

I also enjoyed the show, though I was thirteen at the time (and also thought “The A-Team” was kinda cool :o ) There was more than just the pilot episode - I think the show lasted a whole season.


According to TV.com, three episodes were aired and there was a fourth made.

And yes, I remember this show too.

I remember. Especially one episode that involved some plants (a crop?) not doing well. So he solemnly proclaimed the plants weren’t getting ‘enough blue’ so they applied blue filters to some floodights…

Yes, very stupid.

Yeah, remember it, very bad stuff, very bad hairstyle which Scott has never changed. Always laughed when it used to run on the Sci-Fi channel back in the 90s. Four days and it was over. They’d usually have a logo onscreen for old Sf series which would say something like “Aired, 13 September 83 - 1 June 89.”

For this show, it just said, “Aired: September 1982” (or whatever month it was).

Sir Rhosis

Wasn’t Judson Scott the guy who appeared in all the Star Trek movies?

He was in ST2: Wrath of Khan as “Joachim.” He was Khans #2 man. He had a guest appearance on ST:TNG as well as many other shows (Even "Greatest American Hero!)

The blue light on the grapes is the part I remember as well. Snake-hips, you’re right on the mark about the whole Daniken thing. This show was practically the height of that whole '70’s mystic crystal revelation trend. **Battlestar Galactica ** was the only one that did it more.

I read somewhere he was Khan’s son,but most of that was deleted,as was the crewman who died on the Enterprise was Scotty’s nephew

i remember it. he played piano on the show… i think.

now what was the one with parker stevenson as a scientist who was invisible, or something??

Phoenix photos to spur memories.

The Parker Stevenson series was probably “Probe”. He played a mystery-solving “scientific prodigy”, but there was no invisibility involved unless that figured into the specifics of an episode that I don’t remember.