Who’s been vaccinated?

Feeling much better now-it is just sore around the shot area.

I just got my shot. I’m in Mexico, I received the Cansino vaccine, which is a single dose.

So far my arm is slightly sore, but nothing else.

I’ll report back if I start speaking Mandarine.

First Pfizer on Monday morning. Didn’t even pinch going in. Sore arm by the evening, quite sore Tuesday, mostly better now (Wednesday Afternoon). No other symptoms.

We stayed in an Air B&B rental we booked before the vaccine came out, figuring we’d need to be alone but would have to go somewhere to get out of the house. By the time our booking rolled around, both my wife and I were fully vaccinated, so we were able to just take it easy all weekend. Such a liberating feeling.

Second shot today. It was as painless as the first. Last time my arm got sore after 4 to 5 hours and I got a bit of a temperature. Next day it was gone.
Today it’s my bedtime. Hopefully I’ll just sleep through the side effects.

The vaccine rollout in Australia has been a massive disappointment. It’s only now starting to reach the levels it should have back in March or April.

Anyway, I got my first AstraZeneca jab today, at a walk-in locale (that wasn’t as close to me as it should have been). Second is scheduled for August.

Obviously the airlines never did, but at that time there was talk they might, and I didn’t want to buy tickets only to have problems later. (Friends also told me it would make things easier at Colombian immigration, which it did, though officially they were asking for tests only.) Anyway, it was necessary for returning to work.

Taiwan has had problems obtaining vaccines and there may be a host of other issues, but anyway, it was finally open for my age group so I signed up last week and got my first jab on Monday. AZ is what is currently available and my wife was able to get hers as well.

Taiwan is prioritizing getting the first dose to as many people possible so it’s not know when we can get our second one.