Who said what and how many times (Post convention speech analysis)

Here is a very interesting graphic of key words spoken and how many times they used them during the DNC and RNC from the NYTimes

From a quick glance, it looks like the RNC mostly talked about the “war”, “freedom”, and about “Kerry”. While at the DNC, “jobs”, “strength”, “health care”, and “war” were the main focus, with “hope” being right up there with them.

One thing I find interesting that that Republicans always state that the Democrats are avoiding issues, but yet, the Republicans gave nary a word to any issues other than the war and the opposition. Keep in mind that the numbers are raw, and context is not a factor.

No debate really, I would just like to share this and get commentary from both sides of the spectrum.

I concur.

In my humble opinion, here’s a debate idea:

Why would the NY Times even throw that analysis up on the web prior to getting the text from the only MSG convention speech that mattered?
(You know - that of the GOP’s presidential candidate).

I see his wife’s words were included in the tally & have to assume the Gray Lady felt President Bush’s acceptance speech wasn’t newsworthy enough to print. Either that, or it may have somehow skewed the results.

Funny, but from what I understand, adding in the numbers from Bush’s speech would only increase the “freedom”, “war”, and “Kerry” count.

I don’t see Bush on the chart. Am I just missing it??