Bush says Freedom for the millionth time !

Talking about the Olympics “By coming together in friendly competition, all Olympians are sending the message that freedom and hope are more powerful than terror and despair,” the president said.

Jeez… does anything Bush talks about NOT include the same keywords ? Almost every speech keeps pumping the same mind numbing expressions: “Freedom”, “Liberty”, “War” and “Terrorism”. A sprinkling of the occasional “power of liberty”, “complete the mission”, “great cause” or “compassionate”.

I got the first speech on the White House site: Carpenter’s Speech.
Same old thing. The same expressions repeated like a mantra. The same ideas banged repeateadly… he is even including “peace” more. Seems the polls about a “war” president weren’t good enough.

He rattles on about values of this and that without explaining how he will accomplish them… and the speeches always have words inducing to his “common man” style… about his “worrying” and his “leadership”… about “America is great”. Anything concrete about how your going to “transform” the world ? Nope.

Nevermind grandiose titles for everything: “Patriot Act”… “No Child left Behind”… “Operation Iraqi Freedom”… “Homeland Security”.

No wonder criticizing Bush is unpatriotic… he is acting like a cult leader of sorts one would imagine. Just check out his speeches… Oh I almost forgot… the always present “good versus evil”.

Take it to Great Debates if you want to debate whether it’s a good thing. Take it to The BBQ Pit if you just want to bitch. Take it to In My Humble Opinion if you want to find out what other people think about this phenomenon. But take it somewhere else.

I don’t really know what your question is, but it’s not uncommon for a politician in speeches to make general, non-specific statements and not go into detail, nor is it uncommon for laws or programs or military operations to have “grandiose”, “high sounding” names. It’s just part of the way you communicate in politics as an attempt to persuade and take the rhetorical high ground, and this administration, like previous ones, has a communication’s team to make sure that the White House message gets out and that the actions of the administration get “spun” in a postitive light.

Freedom is doubleplus good.

If the question is “Has GWB said the word freedom a million times?”, then no, he hasn’t. That would require hime to say it 100 times a day for about thirty years. I doubt anyone was keeping score anyhow.

The General Questions forum is for questions with factual answers. I don’t see any such question here, so I’ll close this thread.

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