Bush says Freedom for the millionth time !

(Sorry I misplaced this in the GQ…)

Talking about the Olympics “By coming together in friendly competition, all Olympians are sending the message that freedom and hope are more powerful than terror and despair,” the president said.

Jeez… does anything Bush talks about NOT include the same keywords ? Almost every speech keeps pumping the same mind numbing expressions: “Freedom”, “Liberty”, “War” and “Terrorism”. A sprinkling of the occasional “power of liberty”, “complete the mission”, “great cause” or “compassionate”.

I got the first speech on the White House site: Carpenter’s Speech.
Same old thing. The same expressions repeated like a mantra. The same ideas banged repeateadly… he is even including “peace” more. Seems the polls about a “war” president weren’t good enough.

He rattles on about values of this and that without explaining how he will accomplish them… and the speeches always have words inducing to his “common man” style… about his “worrying” and his “leadership”… about “America is great”. Anything concrete about how your going to “transform” the world ? Nope.

Nevermind grandiose titles for everything: “Patriot Act”… “No Child left Behind”… “Operation Iraqi Freedom”… “Homeland Security”.

No wonder criticizing Bush is unpatriotic… he is acting like a cult leader of sorts one would imagine. Just check out his speeches… Oh I almost forgot… the always present “good versus evil”.

Well I for one share the frustration. A straight shooter would be a complete breath of fresh air compared to these “I’m for good things, and against bad things” assholes. Of course a straight shooter would never get elected, but still.

I just got an image of the last scene of Braveheart with W playing Gibson’s part. I think I need to go wash my eyes.

Bush says “Freedom” for the millionth time? Today?

I think I just won the office pool!

WOOHOO!!! Seventy-five smackers to me!

(kaylasdad99 does happy dance.)

Rashak starts the millionth Bush-Is-Scum thread! Congratulation Rashak, you’ve won a one year free SDMB subscription and an Ann Coulter voodoo doll.

I guess Kerry is beyond the one millionth mark with the Vietnam thing but when he hits a billion (any day now) I’m going to give him a Lying-Scumbags-Guide-To-The-Presidency price.

Well shit, did I miss the Tighty-Righty memo somewhere?

When the the proper response to an anti-Bush comment go from “(whine)But Clinton…” to “(white)But Kerry…”?

-Joe, tries to keep up on these things

'Bout four days ago. :wink:

Bottom line: The Chimp is On Message.

He’s a shitty president, but he’s amazingly focused when it comes to hammering home the talking points. And the depressing thing is, the tactic works.

Ah, yes, the * New * Improved * George * Bush *, now with the * Wonder Ingredient * FREEDOM!!! Not unlike new improved Sunoco gasoline with Boron. or some damned laundry detergent with a new whitening agent, blue dye.

Of course some of us may thing that the President’s decisive and firm leadership is just impulsive and pig-headed fancied up with a calico dress and lipstick – you can call her Florence but she’s still a pig. Now that Iraq is falling into further chaos, AlQaida cells further propagating, petroleum prices approaching the figures that ruined Jimmy Carter, and the domestic economy stagnating I suppose the President and his merry band of followers have to bally-hoo something. It might as well be freedom as any other vague and abstract concept. Your new and improved federal government now with real integrity and principled policy – Nah, that doesn’t work.

“I"m George Bush, and I’m here to tell you the truth.”

No, wait…

“I am George W. Bush, and I am here, on this great occasion, to tell you, to share with you, that which Shelly…er, er, er Keats called beauty, but I…I call it the truth.”

I just read my Millionth Bush Bash Threadsub[/sub]…what do I win?

A new pair of eyeballs hopefully.

At least he quit saying “We 've turned the corner…”
I swear the only corners are on his block-head.

Now that explains a lot. Our president is really Charlie Brown! :eek:

We all have our sentimental favorites. My own is seeing GeeDubya donning work gloves and getting out there on his ranch, clearing brush. He is a brush-clearing sumbitch, no two ways around it.

Funny thing about rich folks: this is probably the closest he’s been to actual work, and he does it for a hobby. And, of course, a photo-op about that horny-handed son of toil and all around good ol’ boy, GeeDubya. Rancher, failed businessman, executioner, and the Guy Who Traded Sammy Sousa.

If we all cringe at once, isn’t that a sort of unity?

Isn’t he the band leader who wrote “Stars and Stripes For Nine Innings”?


Hmmm, could be. On the other hand, it might alter the planetary position and place the Earth directly into the path of a Death Asteroid[sup]TM[/sup].

How about “Your new and improved feral government”, then? Lot less to type there.

I love the Ann Coulter voodoo doll idea.

*Freedom freedom freedom OY!
Freedom freedom freedom OY!
Freedom freedom freedom OY! *

Maybe he’s saying “freedom” over and over again in hopes that folks won’t notice that ours have gone missing after Ashcroft and Goss get done with things…

That’s exactly right. The enterprising thug has calculated that he can change the meaning of the word. I have encountered otherwise sane and reasonable people who seem surprised to hear that their freedom is disappearing. They are like clueless vacationers who, when told that a hurricane is on its way, point to the calm waters and the blue sky that is surrounding them, and call their rescuers fanatics. It is liberals who champion liberty. Don’t let him get away with this.