Bush Chicago press conference: inept and embarrassing

Wow, the man never fails to amaze me. Such consistency over time. As ND would say, “Frickin’ idiot!*”

What does “freedom” mean to this guy? It’s “cultural elitism” to think that certain countries don’t want or can’t handle American-style “freedom.”

OK, complaining that Iraq isn’t free is like complaining that a Model T doesn’t come with automatic transmission. I guess I’ll play the “elitist” card and say that these people are cultural infants! They are like cavemen clubbing each other, and we’d like to impose a 21st-century democratic polity on them. Good luck! Let’s teach them how to play bridge while we’re at it.

Bush is soooo ignorant. He tries to do the spin thing and just keeps stomping on his dick. Take his speech about the Far East. Hmm, Japan still has a hangover from its last binge, but it’s doing OK. Taiwan is, ya know, selling lots of shit! And China’s markets are opening, but they just need to modernize their political system! Hee-haw!

Er, didja forget a Far Eastern country called “Vietnam,” Mr. Prez? Still nominally Communist, ground into hamburger by us in the 60s and 70s (oh, but they kicked our ass, too, go figure), and gettin’ all modern ‘n’ economically successful despite the fact we fucked with them royally?

Shux, there couldn’t be a lesson in there for us regarding ol’ Iraq now could there, Ol’ Mr. Prez, huh?

That darn someoneorother!
W talks a good talk about “evil” but knows jack shit about it. To wit, one important fact he’s yet to learn: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Like someone proficient in jujutsu, evil will use the energy expended for the sake of “freedom” to fuck up both the do-gooder and the do-goodee.

Hence, we can’t leave Iraq. Just can’t. It would dishonor the dead (throwing good money/life after bad). It would make the world more dangerous! (Isn’t throwing ourselves at a primitive, insane region the most dangerous thing of all? Go figure.) And al-Qaeda would win, dammit!

Is Bush fucking six years old? That’s the moral and political logic he’s working with. God help/save the USA!

I wasn’t up on the Vietnam war back then, but if you could, explain how they kicked our ass? I’m not doubting, it sounds interesting how a small poor place like that could.

Oh, the press conference? I thought he was going to pull out a MillerLite or something for all the “jokin” and “trying to be funny”.

Study up.Oh, the press conference? I thought he was going to pull out a MillerLite or something for all the “jokin” and “trying to be funny”.
Yeah, he sucks.

After six years you are still shocked? GW was a bumbling, sophomoric wannabe when he was elected and hasn’t changed a bit.

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You want evidence? Well, he failed at oil ventures and lost interest in the National Air Guard after a short while. He was not really successful at much of anything. He was Governor of Texas but my understanding is that Texas has a weak governor’s office that consists mainly of ceremonial stuff.

IIRC correctly he screwed up Texas as well; I heard it pointed out during the campaign that Gore should have been running on “If you elect Bush, he’ll do to America what he did to Texas !”.

So, do we get a link to some relevant text? This is much more fun with some type of cite to support the rant…

He also traded Sammy Sosa. That tells you all you need to know.

I looked but couldn’t find transcript. The video itself is on cspan.org, but I couldn’t load it on my Mac.

Am I still shocked, DS? He really doesn’t seem to have improved after six years. In fact, I detect a distinct devolution.

I can’t find his exact words, but when Texas justice was criticised for all those executions he did say that every single Texas execution was justified. This was said despite the contrary documented DNA evidence of many other states. This seems the typical statement of a fraternity bull session around a keg and not the serious policy statement of a high government official. It looks to me like the cocksure approach of immaturity which I think we also saw demonstrated in the run up to and early phase of the Iraq invasion.

A mistake, sure, but Tom Yawkey traded Babe Ruth, the Phillies traded Curt Schilling and Phil Mikelson made a boneheaded play in the US Open, and on and on.

I should have checked before posting so I wouldn’t need two successive posts, but …

People give GW credit for being “resolute” and “sticking to his guns.” I say his resolution and gun sticking is plain stubborness. That is marked by continuing to do the same thing over and over whether or not it works and I believe that to be immature. I firmly believe that he would order an invasion of North Korea tomorrow if only we had the military resources to do it.

Pardon my ignorance of pop culture abbreviations, but who the f*** is “ND”? The only NDs I’m familiar with are Notre Dame and North Dakota and I don’t think that’s who Aeschines is referring to.

Talk about Bush embarrassing himself in Chicago, take a look at these two Nobel Physics laureates.

Bush is now twelve years old. However, having been in Washington since he was six there is a distinct lack of maturity.

God help/save the USA? No. The “ignorant” USA voted itself into this mess. I’m sorry, but in the first four years if the public couldn’t realize how inept Bush was… No. The only thing more ignorant and inept than Bush is his electorate.

When you can find “educated” adults on the street who cannot recognize that AUSTRALIA is mislabeled IRAQ, you’re doomed.

When you can find “educated” adults who do not know Vietnam repelled the imperialist American invaders, you’re doomed.

When you can find “educated” adults who can operate a cellphone and computer but not tell you the years of the Second WW - and can’t even guess the decade! - you’re doomed.

Napoleon Dynamite? I didn’t see the movie, but I also think ND says “Flippin’ Sweet”

Transcript here


And who ordered that you numbscull?

When future encyclopedias are written, this guy will have his image on the definition of “Argument from ignorance”

Every time I watch him speak and take questions, I feel like I’m watching a sixth grader give a report on a book he hasn’t read.

“Uh, China, you know, it’s, like, a really big country. Uhm. . . . They have lots of people, and, you know, they make lots of stuff.” Then suddenly he brightens as if he’s remembered the Key Words that were on the list: “It’s an emerging economy!”

It was Harry Frazee that sold (not traded) Babe Ruth. Not that Tom Yawkey didn’t make boneheaded decisions like passing on Jackie Robinson and holding out the longest on integrating his team.