Who sewed the first Confederate flag?

Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag in Philadelphia, PA. Who sewed the first Confederate flag and where?

Actually, there’s no evidence Betsy Ross did sew the first flag. The claim wasn’t even made until over a century after the revolution. And the design of the flag was claimed successfully by Francis Hopkinson in 1780, when he billed the US for his work and evidently was paid for it.

Actually, there were many differen Confederate flags. The one we think of today as THE flag was actually a battle flag and evolved from a standard used by General Beauregard. This site suggests that the first recognizable “Confederate flag” was designed by a congressman called Cabell.

You could argue that the first confederate flag was the “Bonny Blue Flag that Bears a Single Star”, raised over the Capitol in Jackson, MS in January of 1861:


Which inspired the song:

http://www.texas-brigade.com/bonnie.htm (warning - schmaltzy song renditon).

Uh … Betsy Reb?

“Billie Joe” Ross?