Doid you see that disgruntled client and his lawyer? looks like they had a dispute about billable hours! That was pretty neat about how the guy kept firing, then walked calmly away!
Anybody wanna bet who will REPRESENT this unhappy client in his next legal action?:smack:

Pretty neat?

Oh, yeah, that was really cool. I especially liked how stunned the shooter was when he was tackled. :rolleyes:

Where did the guy get the gun from? Surely he didn’t have it when they came out of the courtroom? There would be a serious security breach if there was.

Somebody was shot. It’s not “neat”.

On the other hand, this story where the Philly Catholic school girls chased down, tackled and subdued some flasher that had been exposing himself is pretty neat.

I agree wholeheartedly with ShibbOleth, nothing in the paper has made me laugh with more quality than that particular story in a long time.

Self-loathing, fear, anxiety, retire? or inactive? (seriously, no sarcasm, that’s where I really am) (when I’m not worrying about the entire world)

Thinks Senior Tour in sooner than he’d like to admit sounds like only profession with stress level he can manage.

This is true. But…

Did you see the unedited footage? The shooter is on one side of a tree, and the lawyer is on the other side. The way they’re bobbing around looked like a Warner Bros. cartoon.

I told myself that someone was shot and was seriously injured, which is not funny at all. But the whole exchange did look rather ludicrous. It certainly looked “incongruous and absurd”.


What got me about the “shoot the lawyer” footage was how calmly and matter-of-factly the cameramen reacted. When they heard the gunshots the cameramen pointed their cameras at the guy with the guy and recorded him. Me, I’d have been diving for cover, figuring that the shooter might not be so discriminating about who he was going to shoot bullets at.

“guy with the gun” not “guy with the guy.”

Preview is our friend.

(hangs head in shame.)

Legal bill came my way one day
400 hours - for what I do not know
So I think about what Shakespeare say
Gonna shoot my lawyer down
I say:
I shot the lawyer.
But I did not shoot the court clerk.

I think it just seems like it from what we see through the camera. Some of the cameras were probably on tripods and left unattended while some of the camera people ran for help/fainting/diving for cover, etc. There was an officer/security person on the scene pretty quickly so I think they were mostly thinking “I’ll do my job while they do their job and that way there’ll be enough evidence to put this jerk away for a looooong time.”

I agree, though, it seems like everyone’s just standing around watching this guy get shot for quite a while. I’m guessing at first it was not registering as something that was real, and then there was probably shock and panic involved. I admit when I was watching the footage I kept thinking “why isn’t anyone DOING anything?” but then there was a sudden flurry of activity and I just think all the “doing” was off camera.

My question: would that same lawyer hiding behind the tree have taken the case and defended the shooter if the shooter had instead been shooting at, say, an ex-wife or someone?

I’d hope so - everyone has the right to an attorney whether or not they really did do what they’re accused of.

OK, I saw a tiny snippet of this on tv and I am still unclear: was the lawyer actually shot? He looked like he was walking around pretty calmly after the shooter turned and walked away.

Yes, he was struck twice, although he didn’t realize it until later.

Prolly running on pure adrenaline. When he cooled off, he likely keeled over from his wounds.

And while everyone has a right to an attorney, I sure wouldn’t want to represent a client who tried to kill his LAST attorney…


What is the point of one broadcast network warning us that the footage is graphic before showing it, while another just goes ahead and shows it like a teaser before getting to the story, with no forewarning at all?

It’s sick. And not one bit funny.

This happens a lot with news cameramen. Having worked with a few, I’ve asked them why, when soldiers and civilians are diving for cover, they just stand there and film - the answer seems to be that they’re too busy “doing their job” to realise that they’re part of the action, not just recording it.

I know a girl whose dad has a camera lens shattered by a bullet on his mantlepiece, he’d been filming through it at the time :eek:

Yeah, I saw it. That was one of the most terrifying pieces of film I’ve ever seen. I had a nightmare about it last night.

That was pretty neat about how the guy kept firing, then walked calmly away!

Oh yeah. Like, it was totally awesome, man. We’ve GOTTA get it when it comes out on DVD. rolls eyes

I don’t think it should be shown on TV. I saw it today and I was like “what?” Are they gonna start showing gang rapes on the news now if someone happens to catch it on film?