Who sucker punches Rick Moranis?

Seems someone decided that sucker punching Rick Moranis would be fun. Not sure why cause I’m pretty sure he didn’t do anything to them. Can this year get any more screwed up?

Actor Rick Roranis Sucker-punched

Rick Moranis may be Canadian by an accident of birth, but he is an American treasure. We must find this attacker and show no mercy.

If he said “What’s the frequency Kenneth?” the cops know who it is .

Chop him up and feed him to a plant?

It’s just messed up city shit. The dude was probably raging and wanted to punch somebody. He probably didn’t know who Rick Moranis was, just that he didn’t look like a guy who would punch back. If he’d known Moranis was a celebrity, he would have waited for somebody else. I hope they catch him.

‘The knockout game’ is a thing. The attacker in the video looked more composed than many street people in the grips of a delirium, chemical or otherwise.

I wish Moranis a full recovery, and hope he wasn’t hurt too badly.

He didn’t have a good day, eh?

Bet he regrets not wearing his Dark Helmet that day.

Sincerely, I hope the attacker is stupid enough to brag about it on social media and gets caught.

“Hay, gaiz! I clocked Rick Moranis! LOL!”

I’d sucker-punch Martin Short in an instant!

Why would you want to do that?

He’s incredibly annoying.

Some vengeful ghost?

I thought the Ryan Reynolds commercial went well. Some critics are WAY too harsh.

No it isn’t.

I don’t know why people are so quick to deny the existence of the Knockout Game when even Wikipedia says it’s a thing with sources. It’s not on the scale that conservatives say but there’s been enough instances of it to make a trend.

This is your defense??


All of you lauding Mr Moranis, you do realize he was involved in the shrinking of some children a few years back, right?!

Who’s Rick Roranis?

Michael Stipe?