Who takes The College Football Belt away from Baylor?

Just over a year ago we played Who will take the College Football Belt from WVU? and since that time here’s where it’s been:

Champion      Successful Defenses  Date Belt Won   Date Belt Lost
Baylor                6             11/17/2012   
Kansas State          2             10/27/2012      11/17/2012 
Texas Tech            1             10/13/2012      10/27/2012 
West Virginia         5               1/4/2012      10/13/2012 

Just the other day I found this article from June this year:

2013 College Football Belt predictions: Can the Big 12 hold the title all year?

So, in the same spirit as last year’s thread/poll, and looking at Baylor’s upcoming schedule:

Sat, Oct 5  vs West Virginia 8:00 PM  
Sat, Oct 12 @Kansas St TBD  
Sat, Oct 19 vs Iowa St TBD  
Sat, Oct 26 @Kansas TBD  
Thu, Nov 7  vs #14 Oklahoma 7:30 PM ET 
Sat, Nov 16 vs #24 Texas Tech* TBD 
Sat, Nov 23 @#11 Oklahoma St TBD  
Sat, Nov 30 @TCU TBD 
Sat, Dec 7  vs Texas TBD  

Who do you think will get the job done?

Poll on the way…

Oklahoma gets my vote.

As a Waco-born, two time Baylor grad I can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve waited for this poll.


I know how you feel. Auburn had its run not too long ago.

Dude, that was sarcasm.

Here’s another slant on the whole 2013 Belt picture:
2013 College Football Predictions: The Championship Belt

Just a reminder: this poll closes early Friday.

I agree Oklahoma has the best shot (and really just picked them to pick somebody), but I think the Bowl matchup is probably a better shot for Baylor to lose it.

I say West Virginia takes it back.

Time is running short to venture a guess on who will be the next holder of The Belt.

On a side note, how long has it been since “your team” has held it? Played for it?

As far as I know, my Bullydogs have never held The Belt. If WVU is sorta like the Ric Flair of the CFB, then Mississippi State is sadly one of the Mulkey brothers. :frowning:

Here’s some good news for you:


Belt Game Record: 1-6-0

Belt Championships: 1

Last Held Belt: 9/23/1989

Woops, to late to count but my guess is OU too.

You’re right that the poll has closed, but since I didn’t make it a “public” one, there’s just the owning up to identify the votes. Mine was for OK State.

Hmmm…ok, instead of the Mulkey Brothers, my Bullydogs are the Tommy Rich of the College Football Belt. If they’d had two consecutive bye weeks, or otherwise held it a little longer, they’d be Kerry Von Erich.

I finally figure out that you’re talking about rasslin’ and I know more about Lipizzaner horses than I do about rasslin’, which is perilously close to nothing at all. :slight_smile:

T’werent WV tonite. Watching replay and Baylor’s offense clicking under Perry and the defense is much improved. WV has one offensive touchdown in the first half. BU had 369 yards in offense in the first quarter and 617 for the half. Averaging 750 yards and 70 points a game, at the half it’s 56-14. Seastrunk has rushed for over 100 yards the last 8 games in a row, in the first half. Bring in the subs.

Eta: Petty

Even though this poll is now closed, since the voters weren’t identified, it might be fun to keep the thread alive until somebody swipes The Belt from Baylor.

Anybody want to step forth and make a visible guess on who that may be?

Baylor’s accomplishment is rising in status, as can be seen


Does anybody feel that Kansas State can do it? They were the previous holder, at any rate.

Will any of us live long enough to see another team take the #1 spot from
http://collegefootballbelt.com/Schools/Southern%20Cal%20Stats.htm ?

1.) I’m not sure I understand how it’s statistically possible for Alabama to not have acquired the belt sometime in the last 4 years, but I’ll assume it’s true.

2.) The BCS champion should have been an option.

3.) That said, I don’t think that Baylor will lose this year, but they won’t play for the championship. If we had a 4-team playoff this year I would say the BCS champion this year (Bama). Since we don’t, I’m going to say the BCS champion next year. (Bama)