Who the hell is running the AP?

See this:


A photo of Elvis from the AP, captioned thusly:

Fuh? Is it just me, or is this stretching the limits of journalistic objectivity?

There was an article on the AP wire about unusual stars, which featured that Elvis line. I’m guessing the photo is to go with the article. (Which was an interesting one-who knew Brando kissed Larry King?)

Ah, here it is: Jackson is the Epitome of Celebrity Weirdness

The news director at the radio station I used to work at had a sign that said “remember, you can’t be cheap without the AP and you can’t be stupid without the UPI”.


Yeah, photos often pop up on the AP that appear weird or random, but, as mobo85 pointed out, it’s usually to accompany some special-interest story that’s running.

For that matter, the photo I see when I click your link is young Elvis from waist up, with a blonde under his right arm and a brunette under his left, both girls kissing his cheeks while he looks decidedly nonplussed about the whole thing. The caption I see is different from the one you quote:

Don’t know if that’s the same photo you were looking at, but it ain’t the same caption.

No, mine had the fat elvis of the 70s.