Girl in famous Elvis photo identified

I remember these photos in Life magazine. It was published right after Elvis died. They were a reminder of the young Elvis. Full of charisma and sex appeal.

No one knew who the lady was. She sure knew how to kiss. Fifty-five years later that photo is still hot.

Until Today. :smiley:
Five page Vanity Fair article.

Interview with the photographer and Elvis’ date.

She was a very nice looking lady. Just one of many in Elvis’ long superstar life. Life is good when you are the king of Rock N Roll.

Original Photos

I’d like a photo of her kissing him now.

These photos are pretty unique. Early in his career, Elvis allowed journalists unrestricted access. They could take candid photos like this. There’s a famous documentary of Elvis on tour that shows him goofing around and relaxing with friends.

A few years later, Elvis’ manager Tom Parker stopped it. All the reporting & photos afterwards were carefully planned and staged. They were packaging Elvis and creating a brand. The public never saw Elvis again unless it was carefully controlled by publicists.

She was on the Today Show this morning and claimed she didn’t know at the time exactly who Elvis was. She certainly was very, very pretty when young (as were we all!).

Ohmigod! Mom?