Who thinks a TV show based on the SDMB would work?

I’m thinking a sitcom. I don’t know why. We seem kind of Simpsons-esque in our intellegent humor. As Matt Groening once said “On the Simpsons, we strive to make jokes that people who are smart will get. And for those who aren’t, we have Homer banging his head and saying 'D’oh!” This notion just randomly popped into my head.

How closely do you think it should be to what goes on on the boards?
It doesn’t seem very interesting by itself, at least from the audio-visual standpoint of television.

Let’s just cash in on the SDMB brand name. Make a generic sitcom (Ethnic Mismatch Comedy #644?) and stamp SDMB on it. People will watch it for a couple episodes and then it’ll tank.
…Wouldn’t Dave Barry’s life make for a great sitcom?

Wasn’t there “Dave’s World” many years ago?

It’s been done.

That wasn’t quite a sitcom, though, and not based off the boards. I like Jayrot’s idea, but perhaps use “Single-Dad Premise #17” or “Odd-Couple Premise #238.”

Dibs on playing the wacky neighbor!

I have always felt that Scylla and his family tales would make great TV entertainment. I mean, come on? The Horror of Blimps? You’ve got your pilot right there.

Now, we need to cast a wife, some kidlets, a wacky neighbor, a dog, a cranky but lovable boss man…

…and the airplane treadmill that reminded them all of the importance of family.

And the word ending with “-gry” that saved Christmas.

Particularly the Doody Family.

I can see it now - a quiz show called “Are You Smarter than a Doper?” with Doper specialists challenging contestants.

Bricker: Flotsam v. Jetsam, 1948 clearly states …

Dio: St. Goonius the Elder wrote, in the fragment that survives …

Me: Hi, Opal!

Failing contestants get dispatched by a 1920’s Style Death Ray.

If we’re really stuck, we get to hit the deus ex machina button, and the voice of the Perfect Master gives the answer correct by definition.

I’ll be the Ned Flanders (right-wing C’tian butt of jokes) for the show (actually, Ned usually ends up looking pretty good.)

Who will be the Master’s voice?

I always hear John O’Hurley’s (J Peterman from Seinfeld) voice when I read his stuff.

I, uh, always thought that Wolfman Jack might do a good job.

That could be an entire thread premise right there.
I personally don’t hear Wolfman Jack or John O’Hurley. Maybe Alan Alda; he has that easy transition from serious to comic down pat as well as the deadpan delivery.
SDMB the TV show could be ok. It would have to be some type of reality show with voting and when you tried to watch or vote, the show would be down. Oh, and you’d have to pay for it too. That would be cool.

Shuddup you mouth!

I knew I could count on you mobo85!

In order to capture the full scope of the boards, we’d need a pretty broad array of characters–pretty much a whole town would need to be defined, although they could be filled in over time. The interesting question is, I think, what sort of town would have a population like us? We’ve got an awful lot of odd and/or esoteric jobs amongst us. Short of devising a Eureka-like scenario, I think we’d have to be a university town to account for scientist/academic population alone.

It might work better as a sort of hybrid anthology show, with a fixed setting but varying cast, than as a true sitcom.

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