Who thinks they are a bad lover or driver?

It’s a common truism that everyone thinks they have just the right amount of common sense and that nobody thinks (s)he is a bad driver or lover. Anybody want to dispute that?

For the purposes of the thread I think I’d like to exclude people who don’t do the relevant activity reguarly. For myself for example I’d say I was probably a pretty poor lover, but outside of one time in Nevada I haven’t really had any experience. I’d fight to the death* anybody who claimed I was a bad driver though.

My sister is a poor driver because she’s never taken any lessons, but she’s not going to go jumping into a drivers seat anytime soon, so she wouldn’t count.

*Not really. I’d probably let them off with long-term paralysis, if it was the first time.

Can’t parse this. Trying, but can’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, as far as the lover part goes: I’m not going to say I’m an Adonis or anything. All I do know is I wait for the girl to get hers first before I get mine. I’ve been told by more than I GF, that alone, is worth its weight in gold.

Now, if they were telling me the truth or just blowing smoke up my ass; I don’t know.

As far as the driver part goes? Trucks or cars I’d say I’m average. At 35 I can homestly say I’ve only been in two wrecks that were my fault. I can however drive the hell out of anything motorcycle. Dirt or street.

I’m a dreadful driver. Really, *really * bad. At 35, I don’t have (and have never had) a drivers license. I’ve had several learner’s permits, I have tried to learn, and people tell me all the time I just need to practice, but damned if it isn’t the kind of thing where you can *kill * people while you practice. And I should mention that anyone who’s ever *seen * me drive is in full agreement that I’ve made the right decision in refraining from it.

The last time I took a driving lesson, I took a right turn too wide and hit my mother’s car. Three towns away from where either of us lived, with no reason on earth for us both to be there at that particular moment. I took it as a sign.

I’m an excellent lover, though. :smiley:

At 35, I am an “okay” driver; I’m not as bad as some people, but I do drive cautiously (for the most part). I’m not going to discuss tickets or car wrecks as that would only jinx myself.

I am a fantastic lover, if I do say so myself. I’m sure others would agree. :wink:

I’m a bad driver, mostly because of paranoia. I’ve had my license for two years (I’m 20), but I still never drive because it’s scaaaaary and I have an awful sense of direction.

And I’m a virgin, but I’m guessing I’d be pretty bad, considering I don’t want to do it at all.

I’m not a great driver. I’m not as bad as some of the mokes around here who can’t even merge, for crying out loud. If I truly thought I was a terrible driver, then I wouldn’t drive, of course, or would get some lessons and try to improve. I’m a mediocre driver, I would say.

But I’m a fantastic lover.

Well, for medical reasons, I am a zero in bed. In addition, the Filipinos laugh at my parking skills (but value that I drive safely in local conditions).

I can’t confess to thinking I am a bad driver. Ever.

And, while I do not think I am a bad lover, I do have something to share on that topic.

Back when I was just “starting out” I swallowed a bitter pill and realized that I was NOT God’s gift to women. I didn’t know crap, actually. I swallowed an even harder pill and told this to my first lover…

It was a very good thing to do. She was excited/enthustiatic/etc. about showing me the ropes and teaching me how to please her and myself. I won’t go into boring detail about my early love life, but I will say that when we broke up, (not acrimoniously or anything, we just kinda drifted away from each other but retained the love and affection and the friendship) she told her girlfriends about me in what I suspect was excruciating detail. End result of that was something like piranahs going after raw meat. May God bless her forever!!!

Lesson I learned, was in love, at least, it is not always bad to admit one’s shortcomings and lack of knowledge as long as you’re willing to be honest and really desire to learn.

I’m a profoundly mediocre driver, but, as I tend to do it only as much as I absolutly need to, I probably do not count.

I can’t do both at once…

I’ve been driving vehicles with various wheel/axle/mobility combinations since I could reach the pedals, so at the ripe age of 20 I’ve been driving for 13 years. Up here in Alberta, (when I was 14) one could get a learners liscence at 14, and full at 16. I reckon there are three kinds of drivers. Good - skilled, law abiding. Poor - unskilled, couldn’t be law abiding if they tried. Finally, Bad - skilled, not so law abiding. Rain, sleet, snow, blizzard, mud, wind, 2x4, 4x4, I can get you there, but, not without a citation or two.

Sad to say, haven’t done the deed proper, but, those that have somehow broken through the callus (metaphorically!), and had a roll in the hay, are complimentary. Maybe out of pity.

… probably out of pity.

I’m a bad driver. I’m easily distracted, and apt to forget I’m piloting nearly half a ton of steel and glass in favor of “Oooh, look! Cows!”

I’ve been in two car accidents, and oddly enough, neither have been my fault.

Not horrible enough to give either up, but not good enough that people would find me out of the ordinary.

With driving, I am aggressive, angry, and just want to get to my destination as quickly as possible.

Making love, I go slow, take in the scenery and try to enjoy it as much as possible as well as make the journey as pleasureable for the passenger as it is for myself. I take the turns lovingly, twisting the wheel just enough to hug the edges of the road, but not enough to jerk us around. I speed up and slow down as required, and have the philosphy that it is the journey not the destination that is important. I have lots to learn, but will enjoy all my lessons.

I am not a great driver, and I don’t enjoy it, so I avoid it as much as possible. The main problem is that I don’t make quick, confident decisons very well, thus become a nightmare to anyone driving behind me.

As for the other thing, well, one person told me I should write a book on how to give blow jobs.

SHAKES, you busy next weekend? :smiley:

Driver? I do alright, as long as there’s not a lot of extra stimulus. I actually think I’m a pretty considerate driver - moving over for merging traffic, getting out of people’s way, etc. But put me in a confusing city, lots of traffic, AND trying to find a parking space? That’s one too many things to do, and I can get a little, er, unpredictable. :eek:

Lover? Been told I should give lessons. Hey Darth, want to collaborate? :smiley:

Driver? I’m certainly worse then average. I avoid driving as much as possible, so I’ve never become any good. When I drive, I drive like a skittish old lady. I’ve never been in a serious accident in the 15 years I have my drivers permit, but statistically, I’m due for a minor accident any day now.

Not largish accidents, unless some drunk driver bumps into me. Driving like an old lady means I take no big risks.

I think I am a pretty good driver, all things considered. Not like I should be doing it professionally or anything but I am still alive and that has to count for something, right?

As far as the lover thing goes I think that depends on who you are having sex with. Some people fit together really well and some people never get past the awkward sex phase of a relationship. I think I am pretty damn good at it, but I don’t know that an individual would be the best judge of their own sexual prowess.

I started out to say I was a good driver, but then I realized that what I actually am is a cautious driver. I constantly expect other drivers to do something stupid that will cause me to die, so I watch them all very carefully and I’m ready to avoid them. It works well.

I avoid tricky situations like parallel parking or turning left across traffic without a light. Also, if I know I have to make a turn up ahead, I get in the proper lane and stay in it, even if I’m stuck going 30 miles an hour behind a chicken truck, some construction equipment, and a school bus. I never drive more than 5 miles an hour over the limit.

I aggravate the hell out of my passengers but I don’t think I annoy other drivers.