Who uses a Tempurpedic pillow (and likes it?)

I’ve been waking up with back and neck pain and thought I’d try a new pillow. I wanted to give the Tempurpedic thing a try because I thought it might, you know, force me into the right alignment for my spine and all. I was all excited about it when I went to bed last night…

Oh, the pain. Couldn’t sleep, woke up hurting, etc. I think it’s because I’m not used to a pillow where you have to sleep so “up” on it - the curve of the pillow has to really fill your neck hollow, if that makes sense. I’m sure I was all over the place on it in my sleep, and evidently one of the places I was all over it in was a Bad Place.

Anybody try the thing and hate it at first but grow to love it? Should I keep trying it, or is it just not for me?

Did you sleep with the big or the little bump under your neck? I don’t know if this is a proper use of the Tempurpedic pillow but it was a lot more comfortable for me with the little bump under my neck. I only use it when I’m visiting my parents, so I don’t have much advice on the long-term effects.

My SO and I both have them and the first two nights were horrible. I was about ready to chuck the damn thing but by the third night it was like sleeping on a cloud. Now you couldn’t take it away from me unless you were prying it from my cold dead hands.

She sleeps with the fat end under her neck if she’s on her back. I sleep with the smaller end.

My advice is to try it for a few more nights. I think it just takes a few days for your neck and back to get used to being straightened out during sleep.

I did notice that when I put my hand back there and felt my spine, it really was all straight. I slept on the big bump - the thing is, I go from side to back to stomach to other side, etc, although I don’t sleep on my stomach. I’m not sure it would really align my spine if I was sleeping on my side on the small bump, would it? Although I think it would work better for when I sleep on my back. (The boyfriend already hates it when I toss and turn - imagine if I was also pillow flipping! Screw him, he snores like a buzzsaw.)

I’m a recent convert to the church of Temperpedic. Much like The Chao Goes Mu, my first couple of nights were rough…damn near sleepless, but after that, I don’t know how I’ve lived without it. And I sleep on the little bump, for what that’s worth.

I bought one and tried it out for over a month. I woke up each day with a stiff neck that eventually led to daytime headaches. Even after I got rid of the thing, it was another two or three weeks before I could turn my head without having a jolt of pain shooting down my neck.

I bought it and absolutely loved it for the start. Before then, I used two or three pillows to create a bump and cushion my neck fully. I still need a second pillow underneath it, though.

Wow, man. You must have the world’s hugest shoulder!

My husband bought me one a few years ago. It took me a couple of nights to get used to it, but I love it. I hate sleeping without it.

I decided the it was time for a replacement, and instead of getting just one, I bought 2 and a mattress topper (although not the Tempur-Pedic brand) off of Overstock a couple of weeks ago. I have been sleeping like a baby. I love it.

I use one and like it. I sleep on the large bump. And I put the pillow on top of another pillow.

I’ve been sleeping a lot better since I got it about two months ago. I sleep mostly on my side.

Whew, I am so glad to know that sleeping on the little bump is common practice!

I, too, use an additional pillow with the memory foam pillow. Partly because the foam pillow’s a bit old. Unless I sleep soundly I usually lose the second one - currently it’s a small down pillow, though I just took a nap at a friend’s house on a really squishy pillow that I may switch to.

I have a Temperpedic pillow but it’s not the one with the bumps that cradles your head. Mine is the Hot/Cold pillow. It’s shaped like a normal pillow with one side in the regular Temperpedic velvety covering and the other side is satin. I normally sleep with the satin side down and when I stick my hands under the pillow it’s nice and cool. If I get to warm, I can flip it and have the cool side on my face. I like the amount of support it gives without being a hard as a brick pillow.

More like, the skinniest neck. You can actually follow the spinal cord up my entire back. Without touching it.

I’ve had the same problem for a couple of months and it’s driving me up a wall. I was really stupid a while back - my pillows were getting kinda old so I bought a couple of new ones. I threw out the old ones before I tried the new ones: BIG MISTAKE. Weren’t comfortable. At all. I went through something like 4 new sets in the month after that. I’ve settled on the tempurpedic type, but I still have a really sore neck. I’m gonna see my doctor about it.

I sleep on the small bump, too. I got one because sleeping on my ears makes them hurt like a sonofabitch - the cushy pillow has helped with that. My neck and shoulders feel okay - not better, not worse. I do like it, though - I like the bit of support I get from the small bump.

My husband swears by his buckwheat pillow.

I use the “bump” TempurPedic pillow, and have for years. Six years? Something like that. I sleep on the big bump. I had lots of neck aches and soreness, and shoulder pains. I asked for the pillow for Christmas, and my mom bought it for me. No more neck and shoulder pain.

I neglected to take it with me on vacation last year. Bad mistake. I slept terribly until we got to a store and bought a knockoff memory foam pillow. It was much better, but not nearly as good as the real thing, IMO.

You didn’t ask about this specifically, but I actually sleep on a TempurPedic mattress. I didn’t think I could stand to cough up the money for it, but Himself talked me into it. I don’t think two days go by in a row now when I don’t lay down and say, “I really love this bed. Really. I’m so glad we bought it.” I’m not normally a very good sleeper, and it’s been worth every penny. Besides my husband, it might be my favorite thing in the house.

Well, I had to throw it off the bed last night and pick up the old one again around 2 AM. Still trying.