Who wants the rest of my SDMB subscription?

Can I even pass this on to someone else?
Can I give it to a new member and have the mods change the name?
Can I pass my charter member title to a charter member who let their subscription end?

I think I’m done here.

But Seven why? I have enyoyed your membership here, although you haven’t been a prolific poster.

Moving thread from IMHO to ATMB.

Why not just go, without prejudice to your right to return within the year with nothing lost? It’s only the balance of your seven bucks fifty and a few letters under your name. Also, you’re spared the possibility of having to slink back in without having to exculpate yourself or ask for your Chartership back.


I’ll trade you my used pocket pussy for it!
It smelled that way when I bought it, really!

The average is a very misleading number, though. The median number of posts is 1, and the mode is 0. That is, we have a lot of folks who sign up and then post very little, or even not at all, balanced by a number of folks who post thousands or tens of thousands of times.

It’d be interesting to see the full spectrum. I expect a power-law distribution, but could be something like Rayleigh (ignoring the spike at 0 and 1).

Cicero. (or anyone else for that matter)

If you can’t find a post that was in here a bit ago, it was disappeared. Email me if you need to know why. It should be obvious to most.

samclem GQ moderator

Apologies. I understand and didn’t read the thread carefully enough. Also thanks to Chronos for protecting my honour ( a million jokes to flow from that…)

Assuming that posting habits are similar to bloggers, it will most likely be power-law.

I was working at a company that specialised in blog searching and indexing, and that’s the sort of curve we had.

No, No, No. Sorry.

Can I ask you why you want to do this? Not that it’s any of our business, people change, lives change, stuff that was meaningful is no longer, stuff that wasn’t meaningful before is important now, everyone has their reasons, just wondering about yours.