Who wants to buy a car with transmission problems?

This could almost go in General Questions, because I’m really looking for a factual-type answer to the question, as opposed to offering a car for sale to you nice gullible folks (which being a commercial offering, I’d like to make exlicit, is NOT what I’m trying to do here.)

But yesterday as I was driving over the GW Bridge, fortunately at the very end of it, my transmission started acting REAL funny, and by the end of the exit ramp was not working at all. I managed to push it to the shoulder of the ramp, and fortunately the ramp was two blocks from my service station, and I got it pulled into the shop in a remarkably quick fashion.

Eyeball diagnosis: prolly need a new transmission, running about 1500$. The car is an eleven-year old van with 120,000 miles and this seems to me a good point to unload it. The mechanic expressed mild surprise that I was giving up that fast: He said he’d seen plenty of '92 vans with 3.5 engines get another 30,000 miles easily, and felt that a 1500 dollar investment at this point made some sense to him. I think he was being honest with me (he’s been a straight shooter in the past) and not just looking for work. (I could be wrong about this though.)

My question is: is there a market for a car whose blue book value is probably not much (if any) above 1500$ that needs 1500$ in repairs to be drivable?

Aside from offering it to my mechanic, who has no personal use for it, how do I find someone willing to take it off my hands, preferably for a small sum in exchange? Am I being greedy in looking to get something back for an otherwise reliable car that isn’t running now? If I am being greedy, then what do I do with this behemoth? Can anyone suggest a plan for divesting me of it, preferably but not necessarily coming out with a few dollars in my pocket?

I’m really not looking forward to running a series of ads to sell a car that doesn’t run, and I’m dreading the thought of putting 1500 dollars into a car only to immediately start running ads to sell a car that does run. I also have no real place to store this one, so I need to do what I’m going to do quickly.

New car: $350 per month x 5 years (avg) = $21,000 + taxes

Transmission: $1500

Pros: Can go another 30,000 miles. Still cheaper than a new car, or hell, even a decent used car.

Cons: You could have more problems with the van, but honestly, 120,000 miles for a 92’ car is just broken in, IMO. Things like brakes and suspension work should be expected.

Good luck.

There are several charities which accept old cars, running or not. Then you can deduct the value of the car from your tax liability.

In 1997 my 1984 car lost 2nd and 3rd gear. Similar situation, the cost of replacing the tranny was about the same as the market value of the car in decent shape. I wound up giving it to the carless college freshman nephew of a business acquaintance. He appreciated it.

If inquiring amongst friends doesn’t turn up someone meriting a donation, you could check out NinetyWt’s idea.

I’d be wary of the making the repair, and keeping a dead car around is a PITA.

If it really has no value, there are places that will take it.
Here they are in the phone book under “Automobile Parts - Recyclers and Dismantlers”
They buy cars running or not. I just sold a 15 year old junker (had all the parts still in the car, but most not working, and extensive body and interior damage) They said since the tires were inflated they would come and tow it and give me $50.

I agree with intheblink, your market value is about 50 bucks.

I had the same problem a few months ago. I tried to sell the car, and people called and looked at it. I just didn’t have the heart to sell a big problem to some poor unsuspecting fool. I called the bone yard, they came and took my troubles away.