Who Wants To Do Euty? or The Official Eutychus55 Fan Club

Do you love Eutychus55? Do you admire his wit, grace, and style? Does seeing his name on the front page of MPSIMS make you go to that thread immediately? Does seeing his name in a thread you started make you get all tingly with excitement?

If this describes you, now’s your chance to join the Official Eutychus55 Fan Club!

What’s in it for you? Ummm…errrr…well, I’m still working on that. But in the meantime, participate in this thread! Tell him how much you appreciate his fine moderating skills! Tell him you want to be like him when you grow up! Tell him you want to DO him (he likes to hear that)! Really!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to tell Euty what a great guy/great mod/superhot stud he is!
[sub]Note to other Mods: If you want your own fan club…get one of your own fans to start one. We know you keep track of who’s whipped and who’s not. :D[/sub]

Not me! It’s UncleBeers turn this week, I think.

Then step aside Coldfire and let the rest of us line up.
I can’t believe I got here so early, this place is sure to fill up fast.
Euty, I DO read every thread you start, and I actually am constantly surprised and pleased by your wit, and your wonderful brain.
As for “doing” you…
well, a lady never “does” in public. (meet me later???)

In a heartbeat, baby :wink:

I will…but only if some hot monkey sex is left over. :wink:

Euty’s my internet soulmate but he knows that.

BTW, I love you Euty!

I’m gratful to him for his replies, and for picking my essays for Teemings, so I’m definitely a fan. But, uhhh… not the same way a lot of you seem to be.

Dear Persephone-

I think I am already an honorary member, but just in case, here is my application.

Euty is a wonderful man, a marvelous friend, a witty and intelligent person, a loving father to his children and…well, I could go on and on, but you get the picture. He is sexy, too, but you all knew that already, right?

Should I drag the old hot tub off the truck now?

Scotti :slight_smile:

I’d love to do Uncle Euty. I, too, look for his name, click on all his threads, and generally do a message board stalking thing.

He’s charming, witty, and incredibly cute.


Well of course I love Euty.
I love intelligent, good-looking guys with a sense of humor.
[sub]But it’s not like he’d ever notice me.[/sub]

Hey, do we get a button and laminated membership card for joining?

Count me in!! :slight_smile:

Courtesy of our very own smug, The Official Eutychus55 Fan Club now has it’s own theme song!

He’s A Euty - Sung to the tune: “She’s A Beauty” – With apologies to the
band The Tubes


You’ll agree, he’s quite a guy.
And you will not believe your eyes.
He’s right here, behind the screen,
You’re gonna like him, ‘cause he ain’t mean.

You can look inside another realm,
But if you talk to him please remain calm,
His Doctors didn’t want him let ouuuuuuuuuuut
So don’t be a putz.

He’s a Euty
one in a million mod,
He’s a Euuuuuty
Why would he lie?
Why would he lie?

Some folks think, he’s fairly wise,
but you better not criticize.
He’ll give you every pennies worth,
but it will cost you a “favor” first.

You can look inside another realm,
But if you talk to him please remain calm,
Be nice or he will kick your ass ouuuuuuuuuuut
So don’t be a putz.

He’s a Euty
one in a million mod,
He’s a Euuuuuty
Why would he lie?
Why would he lie?

g’night -
smug is too cool!

Well, I suppose I could get buttons and cards. But I was thinking maybe something more a little, oh, I don’t know, Eutyish. Groucho glasses and propeller beanies? “Kiss Me I’m A EutyFan” boxers?

Scotticher: You’re not an honorary member. You’re an Officer. I elected you when you got up to get more bean dip. Oh, and when evilbeth gets back from the rest room, tell her she’s an Officer too. :smiley:

[Edited by Eutychus55 on 02-15-2001 at 04:16 AM]

Oops. Hey, Euty, um, could you, um, fix that coding for me?

[sub]Oh goddess, how humiliating…[/sub]

Just for fun, I thought about not posting here but who the hell would I be fooling?

An Officer? Cool! I definitely have to get me some of them Euty boxer shorts! Do we get “special” Euty perks since we’re in the Officer’s Club? Speaking of which, Scotti, that hot tub can go right in the O Club here…

smug, besides Euty, you are the coolest!

Well, it’s no secret about how much I adore Euty. But that won’t stop me from spelling it out again! Nothing like gratuitous compliments and flattery–you never know where they will get you!

First, I’ll answer Persephone’s questions.

More than I can say! And if he didn’t know that before, he does now!

Among other things, yes!

And here I thought I was the only one who did this!

Anything having to do with Euty makes me all tingly with excitement!

I can’t think of anyone else as deserving of his own fan club! Of course, he is going to be downright impossible to deal with after his ego gets hold of this thread but it’s probably worth it!

Euty is a wonderful friend, a charming, intelligent and witty man and a great moderator. He has excellent taste in movies and a sweet streak a mile wide!

Is anyone amazed that all these women have come here to proclaim their adoration for him?

Actually, according to the official SDMB coolness rankings, I barely crack the top 100, coming in at 93rd. 92nd if Crunchy Frog leaves. :smiley: But I’ll keep trying.

Sure - blame me!

I am completely, utterly speechless.

But hey, that never stopped me from talking before, so why should it now!

Some of you I talk with on a regular basis. You know who you are and how I feel so I’ll skip the public displays of mad, passionate lust for those more private times. But to answer some of you who I don’t know that well yet …

Well, actually, I like to take a little more time than that, but what the hell, quickies are nice too.

Ewww … Rebulican cooties.

Who said I didn’t notice?

smug You da man. How did you know that The Tubes were one of my favorite bands when I was younger?

And to the rest of you who I hope didn’t get offended if I didn’t single you out by name :: sigh :: :: swoon :: < klunk >

As far as membership cards or buttons, nice idea. I like the idea of Euty boxers better. I do have a fresh, new pair of underwear that I don’t quite know what to do with here. :wink:

And to hijack a small note from this thread :

Actually, I do. About 99% of my e-mail is either moderator related or someone asking me about some Disney cartoon that they can’t find (and that I don’t either have the time or the copyright clearance to deliver) so anytime I see a personal note in my box, it’s a genuine thrill.

Thanks for the outpouring of love, respect and horniness.

But don’t feel that you have to stop now.

[sub]He noticed me! Wohoo!
::happy dance::[/sub]

He’s a Euty
one in a million mod,
He’s a Euuuuuty
Why would he lie?
Why would he lie?

Great now I can’t get this tune out of mind.[sub] Not that there’s anything wrong with that.[/sub]:slight_smile:

Girls try to control yourselves, we can’t be drooling and slobbering all over our keyboards just because this Euty person is witty and intelligent and handsome and sexy and Oh hell who am I trying to kid?

:timidly raises hand: Is it too late to sign up for some of that hot monkey sex?

And what part of your body are you referring to, dragonlady?

If it’s what I think it is, it’ll take Euty at least a month and a half to fill it up so’s you’d notice. Prepare yourself for many unfullfilled nights.

I want to “do” Euty.
Of course, no one knows what I mean by do now do they?:wink:
He’s such a lovable fuzzy bunny…