Who wants to join me for dinner in Montreal on Tue., Aug. 1, 2012?

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Supposing I were planning a trip - a pilgrimage, even - from NYC to Montreal in early August, specifically to visit the restaurant Au Pied de Cochon. Even more specifically, to sample the poutine au foie gras and “duck in a can” (Canard en conserve), preferably with a bottle of burgundy wine. And supposing further that the date for my visit to this restaurant, as yet to be reserved, was to be Tuesday, August 1st, 2012, at around 8pm.

Who’d be up for joining me?

I haven’t yet reserved my table (hopefully they’re not fully booked a month and a half in advance for a Tuesday night) because I hate to dine alone. It’s depressing. But I’ll be traveling alone, so I’ll do it if I have to… But I’d prefer some company, and internet boardmates are at least one cut above total strangers! And if cost is an issue (I can see the place is not like going to St-Hubert), I am willing to cover one or two people to be company.

MPSIMS, so I’ve moved it thither.

I’d love to join you, but I’m a thousand miles away and lack the resources to get there.

Send me an airline ticket and spring for a hotel room for a night or two and I’m all yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, I saw this thread and thought “well I won’t be in town on the firstof August, but I should reply anyway to recommend Au Pied De Cochon”. It’s right around the block from my house and I’ve had the good fortune to eat there a few times, usually with visitors who spend the rest of the trip wondering how it is we are not all massively obese.

I’d advise to make a booking ASAP seeing as you’re coming from NYC - walkins are possible on weeknights, especially for parties of 1, but it is the height of summer and this place is extremely popular.

To others who may be here for Aug 1: jump on this! Au Pied de Cochon is a one of a kind and completey unpretentious place, one of Anthony Bourdain’s top 5 in the world. Bring you statins!

Well no takers yet, so I guess I’ll make it a solo venture after all.

According to Chowhound the vibe is quite casual and boisterous. There is seating at the bar for people eating alone, perhaps I wouldn’t need reservations for that (and perhaps they don’t take reservations for solo people at the bar).

Man I wish I could go, love Montreal and the restaurant sounds fab. Enjoy