WHo was best performing Third Party candidate (total votes)...?

Just curious, and my Google Fu is letting me down.

Was wondering if Jill Stein beat Gary Johnston in a head-to-head. I did find that Rosanne Barr got over 40K votes, not too bad for only being on the ballot in three state (although California was safer than most for some to vote for a third party without affecting anything). But I can’t find a thing on the main four alternatives.


Using numbers off Politico, I make it as 1,146,013 for Johnson, and 366,365 for Stein. These numbers aren’t final, but they might as well be – Johnson is going to be the clear Third-Party winner.

I would also have to throw some love to Angus King in Maine. His was only a Senate race, but he won an election as an Independent, which is better then Johnson and Stein did and he handly beat both the Republican and Democratic candidates. Not even a close race.