Who Was I, Where Did I Go, And How Can I Find Myself Again?

I was first introduced to the dope around early February 2002, by a doper I was dating at the time. I signed up. Board go crash.

Being a mammal of small brain, I flitted away. Coming back in summer of 2003, I re-registered with this handle, because I couldn’t find my old user name and the password page was giving me agita.

But still, I remain curious. Who was I? Where did I go? Can I ever find my old ‘self’ again? I try to search under likely usernames- no soap. I put in all the old email addresses I had at that time- no love for me.

Did my original handle perish in the Winter…? Am I somehow forgetting a super-secret email address I had only for the SDMB (unlikely)? Am I doomed forever to a soap-opera amnesia past, if only on this board?

I’m afraid so. Everything–including the membership roster–was rolled back by 10 days or so. It’s not called “The Winter of Our Missed Content” for nothing. :slight_smile:

What he said.

We lost several months worth of data – including all registrations from that time.

You’re here now, that’s what counts.

your humble TubaDiva

Didn’t think it was that much, unless you’re including the temporary board.

The board itself was not down for that long – 3 weeks? something like that – but the corruption of the database was such that we lost all data for several months. This data included message board content and new registrations as well, all lost in the ether.

Anyone who initially registered during that time had their registration wiped out and had to start over again. Like inkleberry.

your humble TubaDiva

Obviously you were inklessberry.