Who was Linda Eastman?

Specifically, her family.

I’ve read that related (at least, not closely) to George Eastman, but that she did come from a wealthy family.

What was the source of her family’s fortunes?

I’ve read that** she was not related** (at least, not closely) to George Eastman. . . .

Her father was an attorney.

I believe the family name was changed from something else (Epstein?) and her father was a lawyer.

And the Jan and Dean song “Linda” is based on…you guessed it! Linda! Paul McCartney eventually bought the rights to that song and made a cover of it.

Well, I always believed the story Linda Eastman was of the same family as the Kodak Eastmans. Since she’s not, and the family name was originally Epstein…

…was she possibly related to Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager?