Who was the most romantic prophet?

I’ll leave the definition of “romantic” up to you. Be it passionate about his cause, willingness to sacrifice everything or plain and simple lovingness, kindness and gentleness with the opposite sex.

Clearly I favour passion for the opposite sex, but since I know as much about religion as I do about astrophysics, I’ll leave it up to the SDMB to decide.

Sorry, I mean religious prophets, such as those mentioned in any holy scriptures, not your local crystal ball devotees.

John the Baptiser

Last of the preChristian prophets. Lived off of the land and was quite vocal about the nation’s need for repentance. Also, he stood up to Herod, risking everything.

But, a case may made for Moses. Killed a man for oppressing a fellow Isrealite, spent 40 years in exile, having given up on the lifestyle of the rich and famous (he was seen as the son of the daughter of Pharoe.) Became a symbol for the Isrealite nation in standing up to oppression.
Whether you view them as fictional or real, the points remain the same.

As OT prophets go, I don’t believe that “romantic” was in their job description.

Not knocking him but “John the Baptist” is the last one I would have choosen, since he was pretty much a no nonsense type. He certainly wouldn’t have been treating anyone to a romantic dinner, especially with his taste in food.

I’m going to cheat and use “The Prophet” by Kahill Gibran.


From the OP:

By THAT definition, JtheB certainly qualifies.


Jesus, hands down. Can’t get more romantic than dying for someone you love.

I’m going to have to say Hosea. Hey, he married a woman and then bought her from a pimp after she left him. How much more romantic can you get?