Who was the original artist?

Who first recorded Got My Mojo Workin’? Any clue?

Man, I was really psyched by this thread title. It could stand as a question all its own.
As for the actuaal question, I got nothing."got+my+mojo"+preston+foster&hl=en

The artist who wrote the song is probably Preston Foster. Muddy Waters evidently recorded it in 1957, and gets much credit for it.

I haven’t totally read this or researched it to the nth degree, but read my link.

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Jeremy: It was on this day in 534 BC that Thespis stepped out onto the stage of the Theater Dionysus during a choral song and dance and became the first man to speak words as an actor in a play.

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An authoritative enough source for me to be happy with pegging the first actor. :wink: