Who was the rock star in this poster I vaguely remember?

I remember eating at a pizza restaurant a few years ago and seeing a poster hanging on the wall (as they usually do). I don’t know why but it’s driving me nuts to remember who it was.

It was a 70s or 80s era rock singer. Possibly associated with New Jersey. Not rock like Gene Simmons or Ozzy but more like Springsteen. It could have even been Springsteen but I’m not sure. I think the guy was standing sideways with his head turned to the camera. The distinctive thing was he was tossing a rock in his hand and the photo was taken with the rock in mid air. Possibly was an album cover.

The memory is very vague but has been bugging me for years. Any ideas?

I’ll take anal bum cover for $1000, Alex.

Billy Joel.

This is probably too obvious, but Billy Joel - Glass Houses? He’s throwing a rock and he’s near New Jersey.

Glass Houses cover.

This appears to be the actual poster the OP describes. It was a promotional poster for the album.

Billy Joel in a black leather trying to look tough just does not work.

Hey, he found you could dance and still look tough anyway. Oh yes he did.

Jesus, he looks like Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry in that picture.