Who was the worst troll on this site?

Searching up SDMB questions on Google, I see that trolls have been just as massive of a problem in the early 2000s as they are today many of who are banned.

Since some of you have been here since the beginning of the site, I wonder what’s the worst troll; humorous, threatening, insane etc…

The Grapist.

I think I agree. That jerk’s schtick made light of a serious crime, and it’s victims.

This post has been peed upon by the lemonadist.

I don’t know if good old Jack Dean Tyler was a true troll but he was definitely out there. He had a weird obsession with circumcision, restoring foreskin through stretching and penis issues in general among several other things.

The Pit is the only forum where you can openly call or speculate someone is a troll. Let’s move this there.

doorhinge. He’s still around for some god-awful reason.

Don’t know if it’s fair to call him a troll, but Honesty was a one-trick pony who was eventually, rightfully, banned.

Umkay, the fake paraplegic. Ask the Girl in the Wheelchair - In My Humble Opinion - Straight Dope Message Board

A classic in trolldom. I never bought its story, but a lot of people were fooled.

I do note that the endless string of 3,000-word first posts about horrific personal situations has ceased. Those were irritating because if true, those folks weren’t going to get any useful help here, and if trolls, got far too much tea and sympathy from the nicer Dopers.

One classic and still trying to troll skeptics and unbelievers is Mabus. Not only a pest here, but in many other sites.

Very recently he is still creating socks and new accounts that are banned quickly, but I would call it the worst for continuing to pop up like a bad penny for years.

If you see a post where Nostradamus is mentioned and agnostics and atheists shall burn in hell, alert the mods.

I vote for Kaitlyn/Number Six, the time-travelling transsexual fundamentalist Christian atheist Jew married to the North Korean escapee supermodel lesbian McDonald’s employee.


When I saw this thread title that is the first name to come to mind.

Sen<su>ality, attention whore and White Knight-attractor extraordinaire.

Well the worse the troll the shorter their stay before being banned. So probably more moderate trolls have had a greater cumulative impact.

Well, since we’re in the Pit now, you have somewhat of a reputation here yourself, femmejean.


That’s why I’d nominate Charlie Wayne, the good-natured, perpetually confused/libidinous old man. He had a surprisingly long tenure here—almost four years.

He’s not banned, but never returned after receiving a warning. I think he got spooked when the moderators started sniffing a bit too closely.

There was a troll pretending to be a professional escort, who would frankly answer any question about her job. She was super-hot without really exercising (except for all the sex!) and thought short, chubby, bald johns were the best lovers. When asked for a photograph, she posted a mirror image of a European fitness model. That’s when things began to deteriorate.

IIRC, Charlie Wayne never stopped believing she was real.

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