Who was this basketball coach?

I remember that there was an NCAA basketball coach with a Hungarian or Polish name that was spelled in an amazingly strange way (from American eyes, of course). It was pronounced something like “shuh-shef-ski”. Does anybody know who this guy was?

I can only assume you’re not American, and have never once followed the game of college basketball. :slight_smile:

Mike Krzyzewski.

Quite right. The name was not spelled quite as strangely as I remembered it to be.


A common pronunciation is “Coach K”

That’s a common spelling, too. :wink:

Well, it’s certainly understandable that a casual basketball fan in another country wouldn’t know who Coach K was, and would have seen him for the first time at the 2008 Olympics, or the last World Championship series.

(And, in all honesty, very few of us Yanks could name the head coach of the Spanish or Serbian or Greek teams, even though they’re all excellent teams.)

To sports fans in the USA, of course, he’s VERY well known, as he’s won four national championships at Duke University.

My brother is a former sports nut and I remembered him telling me about a basketball coach with a name as I described. I think I’ve watched maybe two college basketball games in my life.

Addendum: I misread the first response to my OP. I actually am American. I live in Seattle.

I was joking/teasing, BTW… hence the :). No hard feelings, I hope!