Who was this Chrisitan speaker I saw as a kid? (ex-con, more details inside)

OK, so this is a long shot. I remember seeing a series of sermons/messages on video(actually projected film) by a very memorable guy. Not memorable enough that I remember his name, but a really memorable guy. I remember several moments in his messages and I’ll share those moments with you to see if you know who he is:

  • Ex-prisoner

  • Went to prison because he drove a car as a youth for some friends. Friends went in and robbed a drug store, shooting and killing the employee. He says they all blamed him and said he was the shooter.

  • When his “friend” came out of the drug store he yelled, “Drive, drive, I shot a man! Drive, drive, I shot a man!” (this phrase still plays in my mind).

  • He told a funny anecdote about getting drugs for other guys in prison. One time, he got a bunch of birth control pills and instead of ditching them, he sold them to another prisoner. That prisoner loved the drugs, so speaker-man told him, “Good news, you aren’t pregnant!”

  • After being released from prison, he had a very rare disorder where his throat sometimes closes up on him. He has to insert a rubber tube down his throat to keep it open. He literally does this in the video.

I know, this all sounds nuts when put together, but now you know why I remember him!

Who was that guy???

No, I remember zero about the guy’s in-prison conversion to Christianity. I guess…that part flew by me.

It wasn’t Sam Kinison, was it? A friend told me he remembers going to a revival when he was a kid and Kinison delivered a fire and brimstone sermon.

Not an answer, but…

Irrelevant. Even if he never touched the gun, if he drove getaway for the robbers and one of them shot the clerk, that makes him guilty of felony murder.

There are various semi-similar men:


Nope. It is true that Sam Kinison preached, though.

Yes, he accepted responsibility. He was just explaining what happened.

I don’t think that is him, but he was white. I keep finding black ex-con Christians speaking.

Gene Mcguirewas involved in a murder during a robbery of a bar. No mention of the throat part.

I failed to state that the videos I’m talking about were in the late 80’s, 86-89.

Gene Mcguire only got out in 2012 it looks like.

Jeff Thaxton?

“Thaxton is not a recovering or reformed alcohol or drug user or abuser.”

I hope it wasn’t this piece of shit.

His lies were just one of the fucked up fundie Christian things in the 70’s/80’s that really screwed with my head when I was in that world.

I have no doubt he is the worst sort of con man out there. I hope Hell exists just so his lying ass burns for eternity.

Could it be Nicky Cruz?

I actually went to see Mike Warnke when he was at the height of his success; he gave a free performance at a large church in the city where I was living at the time. It was hilarious - until he started talking about his “compound” where he kept ex-satanists about whom he claimed “we’re trying to keep them alive until they can accept Christ.” That sounded awfully strange to me, and I wasn’t surprised when he was exposed a few years later.

He should have stuck to PG-rated bodily-humor comedy.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if telling too many fart jokes really DID lead to satanism?

Nope, not him.

Nope, not him.

Maybe when you heard his presentation he was lying about everything. Maybe the story you were told doesn’t correspond to a real man.

Was it David Wilkerson, the author of The Cross and the Switchblade?

Besides being a preacher, David Wilkerson doesn’t fit the description given in the OP at all.

Well, the video of him speaking had him demonstrate the esophageal/tracheal tube thing.

Call me naive, but I believed his story. It was literally a video of him speaking at a pulpit/podium.


Mahaloth, the problem is not that “this all sounds nuts when put together”. Far from it. The problem is that various aspects of the life you’re describing are so similar to many other prisoner/Christians that it’s too hard to search on what you’ve told us. Tell us more. Give us the most complete physical description of this person you can and anything else about him. Tell us everything you can about how you saw this film. Tell us when you saw this film. Tell us who made this film. Tell us anything that would allow us to distinguish him from other prisoner/Christians. There are hundreds of people vaguely like this guy, and we can’t figure out who you’re talking about with this little information.