Who was this Sabow the Pentagon shooter suspect was on about?

Some of the articles about the Pentagon shooter suspect mention that he was interested in a conspiracy theory revolving around Col. James Sabow. Not knowing who that was, I googled it, and discovered that most of the results seem to be from places like jamessabow.com , militarycorruption.com and other obviously biased sources.

Does anyone know what the deal is with this guy? I’m hoping to find at least one answer that doesn’t involve someone rambing on about immanentizing the eschaton or how the UN is an arm of the Catholic Church, and I knew that the teeming millions would be the least likely to go that route.

I’d ask Cecil, but it seems a little trivial, even for someone who answers questions about whether coconut juice can be used as blood plasma.

Per this news story:

Which contains

I have no knowledge of any of this, other then internet postings.

Ahhh…he’s part of the Falwell/Robertson/Scaife Clinton-Crazies. Any mention of “Mena, AR” is a sure sign that what you’re about to read is one of the chestnuts of wingnut conspiracy theory.

Re “what he was on about” per news reports he had a long term history of profound mental illness.

Looks like I just had to wait for the Christian Science Monitor to weigh in.

They say there was actually a Congressional investigation, but I can’t find the report.