Who was this selling magazines door-to-door?

Some young guy dropped by my apartment this morning trying to sell magazines. It was unusual because he was pretty smooth and used rather refined sales techniques (like giving me something to hold so I couldn’t just slam the door on him and not telling me what he was selling right away). And he wasn’t affiliated with any local orgs as far as I could tell, since if you are you tend to say so immediately as a selling point.

Anyone know what company this is or have any experience with something similar? It was just kinda weird, like that guy in Office Space.

Could’ve been a thief casing the joint. :dubious:


There was a thread about this a few weeks back if you want to search for it. (I think the title was “what’s this scam?” or something.) Apparently it’s a really big widespread scam and no one ever gets their magazines, except for me, because I’ve bought from them twice and in both cases not only got my subscriptions, but had them run several years past the expiration dates.

Thanks vogue, I didn’t even think to search.

Here is the other thread: Anyone else deal with this recurring scam?. I’m even more annoyed now that I know that people don’t actually get the magazines.