Who were your big TV crushes from your youth?

Jim and I were watching Smallville, and we got onto the subject of John Schneider, and Jim found it pretty funny that I had a huge crush on both Bo and Luke Duke as a yute. Some of my other youthful crushes - Patrick Duffy as the Man from Atlantis, John Ritter as Jack Tripper, and, of course, Lee Majors as the Bionic Man. Anyone else got any TV crush skeletons they’d like to air out?

Valerie Bertinelli. What a total babe.

Donna Reed from the … err … Donna Reed Show.

Also Linda Evans from The Big Valley. I always figured it was named for her clevage.

Shaun Cassidy from The Hardy Boys Show & his Singing Career.

Michael Landon from Bonanza - Little Joe Cartwright.

Two words: Lori Partridge.

I had male and female crushes. I tended to dote more on movie people, but I loved loved loved

Lindsay Wagner’s The Bionic Woman!

Robert Brown (mainly) and Bobby Sherman from Here Come The Brides.

Tiffany Bolling, Dennis Olivieri and Zooey Hall from The New People (very obscure, it was only on for half a season).

Davy Jones, of course. (Peter Tork, too)
David Cassidy, of course. (hey, I was a teenybopper)

Angela Cartwright, Lost In Space.

I had the worst thing for Bo Duke. I even bought his album.

Angela Cartwright… Was that Penny? Very lovely.

Yeoman Rand from Star Trek. Gotta love those short uniforms.

Genie. A skimpily-clad busty blonde eager to serve her master? Oh, my.

I guess I mostly had lusts, not crushes.

David Cassidy was one of my big crushes.
The other one - well, this is bizarre, but here goes - Bob Crane from Hogan’s Heroes. Well, what can I say - I was 9 years old! I thought he was a brainiac, had no idea he was a pervert!

Yikes. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

Sadly Leif Garret. Also Matt Dillon, but I still fancy him.

I would have given my left nut (and it’s contents) to Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. Ginger, if I was still horny afterwards.

The princess from Voltron and Lisa Hayes from Robotech.

Bailey Quarters from WKRP.

One of the girls on “You Can’t Do That on Television”

I had a terrible crush on Sally Field during her stint as Gidget.

All of the above, plus Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched. And Donny Osmond! (I can’t believe I admitted that!)

Valerie Bertinelli. (from One Day At A Time)
Marlo Thomas. (from That Girl)
Dawn Wells. (from Gilligan’s Island)
As an aside, I saw Marlo Thomas on television just recently and I was shocked at how good she still looks. I’m still in love with her.

this guy


Still a babe, too.

U.S. Actresses
Victoria Principal (hated Dallas but wowza, was she ever hot. Best looking woman ever to live imho)
Heather Locklear (from her Dynasty/awful Billy Shatner show days)
Joan Collins (Dynasty)
The lead singer of The Bangles
Pretty much all of the women associated with Prince (Appolonia, Vanity, Jill Jones etc.)

U.K. Actresses
Glynis Barber from Demspsy and Makepeace
Fiona Fullerton (the Russian Agent in A View To A Kill amongst other things)
Leslie Ash from UK TV
Jenny Powell from UK TV (did some lame music TV show but she was smoking)

Holy hell! I forgot about That Girl! Major, major crush, despite the fact that I was about 7 when it was on.

Glynis Barber in Dempsey & Makepeace, too, although I wasn’t very youthful at the time. God. Damn. She was beautiful!

Well, I’m a little younger here …

But I adored John Stamos (of Full House - now doing 1010987 commercials) and the guy from Charles In Charge.