Who will be the next for America

US finished iraq, who will be the next? Iran, china, North koria, or Rasia again. can anyone one help me out to know this ( i am not intrested in what US do but i wanna go abroad so i dont want to go where he will attack lol )

All of the above, of course.


(what? You wanted a serious answer? Yeah, right… and who the hell is “Rasia”?)

Scott Ritter (remember him?) thinks the Bush Administration is really eager to get John Bolton in the UN so he can derail UN sanctions against Iran and the IAEA, clearing the way for an attack sometime on or after June 2005 (before Iran’s nuclear facility at Busher goes active).

I’m pretty sure this guy is just a troll. Nobody’s dumb enough to not know the UK and US are separate but be aware of our current foreign policy and make snide comments about it.

Finished? If you ask the troops on the ground i’m sure they will tell you nothing has been finished.

I think you must have missed the memo regarding coalition troops, you see it isn’t just U.S. forces in Iraq, more than 30 countries have contributed troops to the coalition, not just America.

That said, is there any question as to who led the charge and who’s supplying most of the muscle?

No, there’s no doubt about it. However, Britain, Itlay, Poland, Ukraine and the Netherlands have all sent over 1,000 troops each into Iraq to aid the effort and I find it a touch disrespectful to ignore the sacrifices these troops are also making. Don’t forget that the individual risks each of these soldiers faces is just as high as any faced by an American soldier, and as such they deserve credit. By all means refer to the troops in Iraq as “The U.S. led Coalition” but don’t forget the 20,000+ non-U.S. troops who are risking their lives out there as well. By way of a comparison, the Soviets lost around 20 million military personnel and citizens in WWII, the U.S. “just” 405,000 troops, but nobody would dream of saying America didn’t help just because they didn’t suffer as much or contribute as many troops.

Sorry that turned into a bit of a [soapbox] moment but I felt the point was worth making.

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