Who will "die" in the comic books 2011 edition (One of the Fantastic 4 will)

There is no “death pool” for fictional characters, but when I was looking for prospects for the real human one this item popped up:



The best bet according to those guys:

Sue Ridchards

I would go for Reed Richards, because Reed Richards Is Useless :slight_smile:

Let’s see. Reed Richards was almost executed and Susan Richards almost died during childbirth. That leaves Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. Grimm has been through a lot of change being the Thing, then human, then super pineapple, etc. So, I think he’s safe. My bet would be on Johnny Storm, but knowing Marvel they’ll go for the cheap shot and kill Susan Richards…then do a retcon on how it was all part of some plot that even Reed Richards couldn’t figure out.

The superhero death paradox:
[li]If the character is popular, they will come back, probably sooner rather than later.[/li][li]If the character is not popular, you probably won’t care.[/li][/ul]
Either way, zero drama.

That’s who I think it will be too.

I have no idea who it will be (other than the spoiler guess) but I’d choose Ben Grimm. He’s the most boring character both as a hero and as a persona. The one I’d miss the least in any case. I think FF2 the movie had the only interesting way of handling him - switch his powers with the others!

Also, I don’t really follow Marvel, but don’t they have more than one version of the characters now (Ultimate whatever, etc?)? Which FF version will suffer the loss of one of it’s members?

This is the main universe (616). They’ve already buggered up the Ultimate universe, and the Ultimate FF.

The Ultimate version no longer exists, because Reed Richards is evil, and Ben’s…no longer quite Ben. Nobody’s going to die in the Ultimate universe for a while, since they’ve already slaughtered the majority of their major characters, fairly recently.

I’m not a regular reader of Fantastic Four, but a friend and I made a deal - I’d read the first part of Hickman’s run, and he’d read Madame Xanadu.

Based on what I read of Hickman’s run (which was good when it was a series of one-offs, but when he started tying it together, it rapidly fell apart), it really looks like Reed’s being set up to buy it.

They should kill off Johnny Storm and revive the golden age Human Torch to fill his spot in the FF roster.

They can’t kill off the eye candy

Johnny is the one who most needs to die. His character (except for very, VERY brief periods–12 issues at most) is still just about exactly the same as he was back in 1961 (fine, he’s not into racing “hot-rods” any more). High School drop-out, got a GED, dropped out of college, hasn’t had a love-interest* that’s lasted more than 2 real-time years and doesn’t contribute anything to either the soap-opera aspect of the story or really to the super hero part of the team. Any energy type could take his place (Black Lighting, say).

Plus, the reason the FF works is it’s a family. Reed is the Daddy, Sue is the Mommy, Val and Franklin are the kids, Ben is the gruff older uncle and Johnny is…um…what? The creepy won’t-grow-up uncle who keeps bringing just barely legal bimbos to the family gathering (his last girlfriend was a super villian. She kept stealing and he kept letting her get away as long as she slept with him) and then gets drunk after trying to steal money from one of the kid’s piggy-banks. The character is really annoying.

That said, I think it’s gonna be a cop-out where Franklin or Valaria (more likely) dies.

*Except when he married the Alicia/Skrull, which made no sense

My money is on Ben Grimm as he is so vulnerable right now, being in an unpowered form for a week. The comic is even counting the days, so my guess is that he dies on day seven.

Benjamin Grimm a.k.a. “The Thing”'s sole attribute is strength, but according to Marvel canon he’s not even in the top tier of super-strong humanoids. He’s gotten his ass handed to him every single time he’s ever fought the Hulk for example. Super strength is such a generic power that if it’s your only power and you aren’t even a major league player, what’s the point? It might be different if the whole point of the Thing was that he was strong but knew there were a lot of opponents out there even stronger, and he had to win by using his wits; but instead he’s always been portrayed as the bruiser, the tough guy from the Bronx, which given how outclassed he routinely is borders on the delusional. The only thing more pathetic is someone whose only “power” is flight and then only because they have wings. I’d say Grimm could be replaced by- well, nearly anyone.

Only if you don’t see the character as anything but a statline.

[After Cyclops wife (Jean/Phoenix) is killed.]

Beast: “You must fell terrible!”

Cyclops: “Oh, who are you kidding, she’ll be back before the next movie comes out!” - X-Men - Dark Phoenix Rising parody.

It’s gonna be Willie Lumpkin.

I’m going with Sue.

  1. Comic book characters get killed off all the time. People don’t really care much anymore. So I think Marvel will up the stakes by killing off a female character, which is still relatively rare.

  2. Reed’s been acting squirrelly the last couple of years. I think they’re setting him up for some big story arc where he goes rogue and becomes a supervillain. Sue’s death would serve as a trigger event.

  3. Ben’s already been killed at least once.

  4. Nobody would care if Johnny died.

  5. They’d never dare kill Willie Lumpkin. His ear wiggling power is too necessary for Earth’s survival.

I don’t think, “Can’t beat up the strongest person on the planet,” is much of a criticism. Besides, who in the Marvel universe hasn’t had their ass handed to them by the Hulk?

Plus, raw strength isn’t Ben’s power any more than stretching is Reed’s. Reed’s power is his brain (and a couple of writers have played with the idea that he can literally reshape his brain for different functions: math, intutition, etc). Ben’s “power” is indomidable will. NOTHING can break him. If he was given a GL ring, he’d be able to kick Hal Jordan’s ass.

Or her clone. Or her future self. Or a simulacrum of her. Or an alien universal force deluded into believing it’s her.

Or whatever Mr. Sinister can come up with this week to fuck with the Summers family.

There’s something very fitting about the way you chose to present that.