Who Will Die in the Final Episodes of Breaking Bad

I started a very similar thread to this one time but, in a senior moment, neglected to make the poll multiple answer. This time I will amend that.

The question: which characters do you believe will die in the final episodes of Breaking Bad?

I’m going to set the poll feature to stop on September 22, the date of the penultimate episode. We’ll see how we did on September 29.

Play meth!

BTW, votes are public so we can see how well we did.

I didn’t include an “other”, but feel free to mention another character in the thread.

I believe/hope Hank, Marie, and the kids will make it out alive, but see bloody demises for pretty much everybody else (save Walt, who might die of his cancer first, but given the artillery in his car I doubt it).

I think (though my guess is no better than any other viewer’s) that Skyler is already dead by the 52nd birthday scenes, but I hope I’m wrong.

Skylar and her daughter are already dead by the last episode. There isn’t really anything else that would make Walt as much of a wreck as he appears to be in the flashforwards. Walt Jr lives, because dying would be interesting, and nothing interesting ever happens to Walt Jr.

Final episode has Walt save Jessie from the the yet unseen Czech mobsters. Walt dies, Jessie lives, annoying girl whose currently running the meth operation dies, Hank and Marie live and take in Walt Jr.

Badger dies, but Skinny Pete survives, sells Bager’s Star Trek script and moves to Hollywood to be a screenwriter. In the final scene we see him working on a new script called “Breaking Bad”. The camera pans down the title sheet of the manuscript he’s just finished, the music crescendos and we see where he’s signed his real name to his work: “Vincent Peter Gilligan”.

If Hank’s blue meth, now with 32% more impurities, unleashed the mutations that that resulted in the Walking Dead plague, I can’t decide if that would be the best or worst series ending and crossover ever.

My guess is that Walt bequeathed the operation to Todd and his inbred family, who really have no clue whatsoever what to do. Lydia is running their distribution, and it’s them she is afraid of, not anybody in the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that Todd and Co. have more money than they will ever know what to do with, they are greedy and the methylamine supply is running low. They need Walt’s Big Brain, and to get him to cooperate they abduct Skyler. Baby Holly is inadvertently killed in the process. That’s who the M60 is for. Skyler and The Breakfast Kid survive the series and wind up in WITSEC. The only hole in my theory is that Lydia really has nothing to fear from a bunch of two-bit shithead felons. She has the education and financial resources to hide in plain sight anywhere in the world.

I was originally going to vote for everyone, leaving, perhaps, Carol as Breaking Bad’s Horatio. Upon noticing that it was a public poll, I got a bit more serious. The only two I’m fairly sure of are Walt and Jesse. Skyler will wind up in jail; Flynn and Holly will be put into foster care. Hank will wind up a broken man from the blowback of having his brother in law be the biggest thing to happen to organized crime since Al Capone. Saul will slither out from under the whole thing, smelling like a rose–weasels always prosper. Badger, Skinny Pete, Marie and Carol are all too tangential to matter. (Maybe Badger’ll clean up and become a scriptwriter for a hit sci-fi series. :D) They’ll live or die to serve the plot. I don’t currently see any need for them to die, so I’ll bet on them living. Lydia is a toss-up. I suspect that the tiniest bit of pressure would get her to squeal; the question is whether Walt will get to her first.

Lydia might be the only character I currently want to see buy it as much as I do Walt. I don’t know if the actress is annoying as hell or if she’s not and doing a great acting job (which might be the case), but I’m wondering why Gus would ever have gone with such a seeming loose cannon and tower of Jell-O.

Off-duty Lydia in “cute Scottish accent” shocker.

I am guessing that Walt kills Skylar, albeit indirectly. My thinking is that something he does leads directly to her death. I am fairly sure the kids end up being raised by Hank and Marie who both survive. They have foreshadowed that enough that I have a decent amount of confidence that the four of them will make it through. Walt, has to die. There are very few ways that I can see the story ending satisfactorily without Walt dying.

What I would like to see is Jesse surviving…but I don’t know if he will. In my head I see Jesse picking up the pieces of the criminal empire after everything falls apart and becoming the next Heisenberg, but again, I don’t have a strong feeling about what the show is actually going to do there, just what I think would be cool. Anyway, Jesse is the one who I hope gets something like a happy ending, and I think he will, even if it isn’t the happy ending that I am predicting.

I thought Vic had to die at the end of The Shield, but he didn’t. I think Walt has to die at the end of Breaking Bad, so he probably lives too. I would love it if he is trying to rescue Hank in the flashforwards in order to try to finally redeem himself. I really hope Hank survives. Saul survives. Skyler and the kids die. Jesse dies. I have no clue about Marie and Lydia.

I picked the entire White clan plus Lydia, Hank, and Skinny Pete.

I think the prime antagonist in these last episodes will be Declan - the character we met towards the end of the last few episodes. The only reason he allowed Walt to keep the Methylamene (sp, I’m not a drug manufacturer) was that Walt could get a higher percentage, ergo higher profits. If they’re only getting 68% now then that’s a big, big problem. Lydia still has international connections for drugs so she’ll likely switch loyalties to Declan at some point in the near future as her manufacturer and give up Walt (and the methylamene) in the process.

Walt did all of this originally, or so he says, for his family. I think that in the end his entire family will be destroyed and gone so he’ll truly see that he has lost everything. I think Hank will die in the crossfire, and I think Lydia will die just because she’s a weasel and somebody is bound to get pissed off enough to off her.

Speaking of Lydia, it’s been killing me trying to remember where I’d seen her face before. Finally realized that she’s Kate the Farrier from “A Knight’s Tale”

Lydia, who will be taken out by Walt’s former associates as a warning to Walt himself. Maybe even as earlier as the upcoming episode. Todd, who is too stupid to live. Hank, because the flashforward sequences indicate to me that Hank is (likely) no longer around to protect the family. If Hank was still alive, I doubt the White house would be in such disarray or that Walt would be throwing himself behind a gambit that involves an M60 and a vial of ricin. Walt, because his cancer has returned and the flashforwards, again, indicate to me that he’s been backed into a corner and left with very few options. Then again, Walt is an obvious choice and Vince Gilligan and his writers love to subvert expectations, so who knows?

Damn, you’re right. It’s not Todd and his crew, it’s Declan and his crew who inherited the business. Todd might be working for them, though.

No one. It was all a dream. There never were any Cylons on the Island.

My impression is that Todd and his crew are still making Meth in the homes that are being fumigated since he was trained by Walt to make the quality meth. I think the product was then split between Lydia for Europe, Declan for the West Coast, and Todd for ABQ. With a high yield all sides were happy so the arrangement had been going on for a few months. But with a low yield, there won’t be enough product to meet demand in both Europe and the West Coast which means that one side or the other will want to take more of the share, and therefore more of the profits. The show has established that drug empires don’t like losing profits, and that will cause problems for Todd, Lydia, Walt, etc.

I voted for “everybody except Walt”, because I think his ultimate punishment is to live on…while everything he ever might have cared about is destroyed.

And then I unchecked Saul Goodman, because he has to survive so he can have his own show (unless they make it a prequel…)

And Walt wakes up next to Jane Kaczmarek.

Apparently, making quality meth is hard. Lydia could try to recruit Jesse back into the business… but he’ll just tell her to get comprehensively stuffed.

I bet they all wish that Gale was still around now. “Lydia, what you need is somone else who can cook blue meth with a purity of above 90%. Now, do you know anyone like that?” “Yeah. Well, I used to. Until you! Killed! Him!”

Dying is easy. Living is hard. I see Walt living but losing everything. Possibly inadvertently killing off his family.