Who will make the 500,000th MPSIMS post?

I just came from the forums page and according to the counter, there have been 499,967 posts in this forum. (This one makes 499,968, of course!)

So who will make #500,000? Will handy make it and cross over the 10,000 barrier at the same time?

Who will it be, who will it be…?

This should be 500,000.

Yup. That was the one.

How dreadfully anticlimactic . . .

Well I hereby decree that THIS post is the most important ever. So there.

How can one tell? I see 950K+ posts in MPSIMS, that’s why I’m confused. I know this probably belongs in ATMB, but since the thread is already opened, I thought I’d ask here.

I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago (ignored by most) asking what the 1,000,000 poster to the MPSIMS board would win…dinner with Cecil, perhaps?

"Bumping" a thread

Please don’t bump two year old threads, dutchboy208.

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