Who will they get to portray Chris Christie?

You just have to bet they’re already working on the screenplay for the soon-to-be-released miniseries on the New Jersey governor and his exploits.

Help cast it.

How about Jeff Garlin as The Man Himself?

Steven Schirripa (“Bobby Bacala”) is a dead ringer.

Jack Black.

Through the magic of the movies, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles and Victor Buono. Together.

Damn! You folks are good! And quick!

Since we’re able to resurrect actors of yesteryear for this gig, what about Sydney Greenstreet? Or Raymond Burr? Or Burl Ives?

Oliver Hardy? Fatty Arbuckle?

WC Fields?

Wallace Beery?

Chris Farley

Billy Gardell

I sense a poll may be in order…

Before that, though, Smiley Burnette? As in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smiley_Burnette

Eugene Palette

Veering away from the girth component and focusing on the gravitas: Slim Pickens?

Jackie Gleason

John Goodman.

Gotta be Top Five, for sure!

Andy Devine?

Yes. Better still.

Just curious if anybody has had this blasphemous thought: James Gandolfini.

Something makes me think Christie sees himself that way.

Can’t believe no one has said John Goodman!